Must-Know Tips for Potty Training Boys

It’s a common belief that potty training boys is harder than girls. Having toilet trained four (2 boys and 2 girls) my experience is gender doesn't matter.

But character matters - a lot.

Following tips will make potty training your son easy for you:

Make sure he’s ready

Potty training will not be successful until your son is ready. Most boys learn the skills needed for potty training between 2 and 3 years of age. However, know that each child is different.

Look out for these readiness signs of your son:

• He remains dry for one to two hours
• He has regular bowel movements
• He is able to undress himself
• He shows interest in using the toilet - watches you when you go to the toilet and asks questions about it

Do not start potty training when there are distractions such as moving to a new house or going on a vacation. Set aside a time (a long weekend for example) when you are focussed and consistent on the potty training process.

If your son shows a lot of resistance to potty training or if there is no progress at all after a week of potty training, give it a break and try again after a few days.

Boys are aggressive and adventurous; even when they're toddlers

Use this information to your advantage. Kids like to have fun. So make potty training process fun and competitive.  "Can you get more decals on your potty chart today than you did yesterday?  If you do, we'll visit your favourite park to celebrate."

Don't expect the same games or competitions to continue to work for ever. Try new games and keep switching between old ones.

Give rewards and praise whenever your son goes to the potty successfully. Don’t lose your calm and patience when accidents happen. Scolding and punishing will only make matters worse.

Watch your mindset

If mom or dad is angry or frustrated during potty training a power struggle with the child may well ensue.

Trust me; you do not need this.

You see, you may want your child to be potty trained but, frankly, he doesn't care. Life was moving along just fine for him before you introduced this new process. That's the way toddlers view potty training.

What you want, of course, is to smoothly and quickly turn this process into a habit.

The moment you lose your cool (believe me, it happens to most of us), your little man realises he has power. Just by saying "no" and refusing to collaborate he can watch you swell up like a balloon.

Don't give this power to him. Maintain your authority by keeping your composure. Be calm and positive. Stay firm when you need to. Understand that the entire process may take longer than you expect. Keep trying.

Learn to work as a team with your son and celebrate each small progress along the way. You’ll get there soon.

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