Important Tips to Consider When Converting Your Loft

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Loft conversion not only increases property value but also helps you reduce moving costs. Depending upon the current market situation, converting your loft can add a value of up to 20% to your house. However, you need to do it right to avoid losing the value of your house or spending a lot of money with the conversion. The following tips will help you make the right decision.

Do necessary calculations

Planning is the first step to getting a successful loft conversion. As a prudent property owner, you need to do sums prior to starting your project to avoid spending a lot of money or your project remaining unfinished due to depleted resources. Therefore, if you are looking to convert your loft to improve space or increase its value, it is highly recommended you do necessary sums first.

Ideally, an average loft conversion in London costs between £30k and £40k. The cost may, however, vary depending on the location, labor required and the type of materials used. It is important to understand that, where the loft is located might determine its appreciation cost. For instance, a loft can increase its value to about £140k in London after a conversion while in Scotland the same loft conversion would increase the value of the house to $47k.

Before drafting your budget, take your time to know whether there are any houses in the market that have a converted attic. You can even consult a local real estate agent to know how much value loft conversion would add to your house. The realtor may also offer you opinions and ideas based on his or her experience in real estate.

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After getting this information, you will easily draft your budget because you will know what to consider. You need to have a strict budget to avoid losing money when the project commences. In addition, you can also have a contingency budget in case you have any unexpected issues. If you know how to draft a budget you can do it yourself.

However, if you don’t have the skills, it is advisable you get help from an expert although you ought to have researched about loft conversion to understand and contribute to the process.

Get quotes

After you have a budget, you need to get a reputable builder or conversion specialist. To get it right, you can get local builder referrals from friends who have converted their lofts or conduct your research online through their websites or social media accounts. A good builder will have positive reviews and a high rating from previous clients. After narrowing down your choices, you will have to choose about three loft conversion specialists or builders who can complete your project.

Then, you can get quotes from each for comparison purposes. When getting these quotes, make sure that the quotes include surveyor’s fee among any other additional service provided to avoid getting surprise costs or additional costs during the project.
The three quotes should be from different companies but within your locality. Take your time to assess the quote of each company, its affordability as well as pros and cons of hiring the company.

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You should not choose the cheapest company because it could be a means to lure you to hiring them or maybe they will offer low-quality services. On the other hand, don’t assume that the company with the highest quote will offer the best services.

Just make your final choice by careful assessment of the company’s reliability, professionalism, affordability and online reviews among other factors. Getting a reputable company is very important because it makes your process smooth, fast and professional.

Manage your expectations

After careful considerations and appointing your preferred builder, you need to be clear about your expectations while still, you get to know theirs. This will set standards of what needs to be achieved throughout the conversion process.

To make it easy, get a time frame from the building company to enable you to plan on your funds and possible moving. Also, stay in close contact with the builder to make sure everything is running as planned.

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