How To Cope With Stress

Stress has become so common nowadays and it may seem as though there is nothing much to do about it. Between bills, social obligations, deadlines, and all the other numerous factors that lead to stress, everyone is bound to get stressed at some point or another.You might even find yourself neglecting to visit your favorite men's barbershop or hair salon because you're feeling overwhelmed. Which adds to more stress once you start looking like a caveman.
Coping with stress is essential and while the stress triggers will always be there, knowing how to deal with them can go a long way into helping you. Here are a couple of tips.

Start exercising
Whenever you are feeling stressed, our body tends to produce adrenaline and cortisol which are stress hormones. Physical activity, on the other hand, produces endorphins which act to metabolize the excess stress hormones. You do not even have to go to the gym, or indulge in straining activities. A brisk walk to the park or a light evening jog should do the trick. Regular exercise will certainly restore your mind to a calm and relaxed state. Physical exercise will also improve the quality of sleep you are getting.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol
Caffeine is a stimulant and will, therefore, increase the amount of stress rather than reduce it. For most people, alcohol is the go-to drink whenever they are feeling stressed. When taken in small amounts, it is a stimulant. It is, however, a depressant when taken in large amounts. It, therefore, goes without saying that alcohol will probably not help when it comes to reducing stress. You can try to take water and herbal teas in place of these drinks are they are much better at calming and relaxing.

Talk to someone
You have probably heard of the common saying; a problem shared is a problem half solved. You will be surprised at how much talking can relieve your stress. Talking to someone can help you release the built-up tension or distract you from the stressful thoughts. Rather than bottle up all your feelings, find someone you can trust and talk to them about whatever you are going through.

Get enough sleep
Although stress can cause one to lose sleep, lack of enough sleep is also a major reason for stress. If you have been feeling stressed lately and can't pinpoint the exact cause, try looking at your sleep patterns. Before you go on medication to help you sleep, aim to create a relaxed atmosphere for yourself right before you sleep. Dim the lights, put on some soothing music and just relax. You can also try taking a warm bath right before you go to bed.

Listen to some music
Music has been known to be quite calming so if you are feeling overwhelmed, try listening to some soothing music.  Playing music has a positive effect on the brain and helps lower blood pressure. Take some time off your regular schedule t listen to some music.
You can also try listening to ocean sounds which have the same soothing effects as music.

Identify the cause of your stress
Taking all the above measures will probably be a waste if you cannot identify the real cause of your stress. Look back at your life and get to the root cause of your stress. This will also help you deal with the problem head-on.

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