Diamonds made from Human Ashes: A New Way to Say Goodbye to our Departed Ones


Nobody likes having to say goodbye to their loved ones, but facing this inevitable fact of life is something that we'll all have to confront sooner or later. The desire to hold onto the memory and presence of your loved one may have you considering alternatives to the traditional in-the-ground burial. Understandably, it makes sense that you'd want to keep a part of them to remind you of them and take with you on your journey. With that said, having some of their cremated ashes turned into a diamond is a popular new way to honor and cherish them for many years to come.

They Are Called Cremation Diamonds

Cremation diamonds, also commonly called remembrance or memorial diamonds, are synthetic diamonds that are made by putting the ashes of a loved one through a heat and pressure process that produces a diamond. At least 200 grams of ashes are needed to produce a small cremation diamond, although more ash can be used for the production of larger diamonds. Since the ashes of an adult usually weigh around 4-6 pounds, that means you can have a diamond made and still have several pounds of their ashes left for the urn or another burial ceremony.

Cremation diamonds must be made in highly controlled laboratory settings due to the intense heat and pressure required to forge them. As such, specialist labs like LONITÉ utilize advanced processes that involve incredibly strong crucibles capable of handling temperatures exceeding 5,000 Fahrenheit, and diamond presses capable of sustaining more than 800,000 pounds/square inch (PSI) of constant pressure for many weeks. Altogether the process takes about 2-4 months, depending on the size of the diamond.

Ashes to Diamonds: Many Factors in the Rise of this New Funeral Alternative in the US
Aside from the obvious sentimental benefits of having your loved one's ashes turned into a diamond, this cremation diamond alternative is also rapidly gaining popularity in comparison to traditional burials for a number of reasons other than personal preference. Here are three main reasons why cremation diamonds are quickly becoming America's most popular burial alternative:

• Better for the Environment – Burying the deceased in the ground is having a significant negative impact on the environment due not only to the land space, water, and resources used by cemeteries but also because of the toxins that are released in the form of formaldehyde, mercury fillings, and other potentially hazardous chemicals from the embalming and decomposition processes. Of course, cremating also causes pollution because it's achieved via combustion, but “green cremation” – reducing remains to ashes without fire – is one way to make a cremation diamond with no carbon footprint. Furthermore, advanced labs like LONITÉ can create cremation diamonds using 10 grams of hair, so cremation isn't necessarily a prerequisite either.

• Burial Plot and Ceremonies Becoming More Expensive – As the cost of funeral services, coffins, and burial plots continue to rise due to the inevitable demand created by a growing population, the price is continually rising to accommodate supply and demand.

• Increasing Lack of Burial Space – The increase in price is partly due to the fact that many cemeteries are having to expand their grounds or open new locations to allow for new burials. With each plot requiring a substantial amount of personal space, and no acceptable option for burying the dead-on top of each other, one could argue that eventually, all cemeteries will have to resort to storing bodies in crowded tombs.

Cremation Diamonds As A Way To Beautifully Honor Your Loved Ones Forever

In addition to the above reasons for considering alternative burial methods, a cremation diamond, in particular, is perhaps the most passionate and devoted way to honor your loved ones in grand fashion, as they so deserve.

The diamond is a perfect symbol of a bond that lasts forever, forged and refined over a lifetime of challenges and achievements. Plus, since it can be cut and customized with any shape or color and incorporated into all sorts of jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches, and rings, it's a convenient way to carry your loved one with you everywhere and pass a piece of them on to future generations. For example, many people pass cremation diamond pieces onto their children and grandchildren to honor the memory and will of their ancestry, while others have them placed in engagement rings.

In closing, anyone who wants to keep a piece of their loved one with them should strongly consider the aforementioned benefits of a cremation diamond. Not only is it a beautifully symbolic representation of your permanent love for them, it also only takes a small fraction of an urn full of ashes to create a diamond, so you can keep the rest of their ashes for an urn if you wish.

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