Clothing and Accessory Essentials for every woman

All the women around the world want to look their best. This is the fact and more and more women are becoming fashion conscious these days. Who does not want to look trendy, smart and contemporary at the same time? Infact, not now but women had been fashionable since many ages.Women have become independent and are more aware. They like to experiment with their look by coloring their hair, getting funky tattoos or piercing their bodies just for fun. Visit the website for lilylulufashion trends.

Clothing essentials

Basically clothing essentials is the term used for those clothes which govern your style. These are building blocks for your style quotient.

Your wardrobe needs these essentials to make it complete. They make your style more flexible and you can wear those same set of clothes in various ways. This is called as “wardrobe capsule”.

Let us see in detail the clothing essentials which you must keep in mind while buying new clothes so that it does not become repetitive and gives you a feeling of completeness.

 Casual Tops: We all love wearing tops. So have that casual top in your wardrobe with different neutral colors and variety of necklines lines like V-neck, scoop neck.
 Dressy tops: They are must in a wardrobe of fashionista. Can be worn on skirts, cargo pants and you are good to go.
 Dresses: For an evening out with friends or casual date, these are the best choice. It looks best with high heels. Party dresses, little black dress, casual dress, all are essential.  An amazing dress gives you the confidence to look super hot!!
 Skirts: They give a fine feminine look. They can be of various types like long skirt, short skirt, and denim skirt. They can be worn in office like pencil skirts and looks super cool in summers.
 Pants: They add variation to your wardrobe. Add a sophistication and style at the same time. Can be worn in office with crispy shirt or on any casual occasion. Very comfortable to wear all day.
 Jeans: How can one forget these?  A good fitted blue jean is a must. Looks good with tees, kurtas. They are quintessential for a casual-chic look.

Accessory Essentials:

Accessories play a very crucial role in completing your look. It adds points to your outfit. A good piece of accessory can give you that chic and balanced look. Visit the website for lilylulufashion trends.

 Jewelry: A good piece of jewelry enhances your look. The jewelry should be such that it should not draw attention from the outfit but rather work as an accent for the outfit. It should be versatile and add a dash of bling to the whole look. Earrings-studs or danglers, necklace-Plain or statement in diamond, pearl or gold , bracelets, watches and rings form part of jewelry. A diamond ring, a matching necklace and a perfect watch just make you look more beautiful.
 Handbags: They are much more than a style piece. It projects your image to the world and keeps your all daily requirements. Versatility and practicality are the factors to be considered while buying handbags. They should cater to all your needs and can be of different sizes accordingly. They can be totes, casual handbags, sling purse, clutches, laptop bag, messenger bag or leather bag.
 Scarves: Scarves can actually add color to your plain dress and makes you look more stylish.

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