5 Most Exquisite Wedding Themes Every Guest Will Love

When it comes to celebrating the most special day of your life, making it unique and different from all of the rest is the first thing that comes in your mind. Rightly so, as you must have dreamt that your nuptials would make a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of everyone present in your wedding.

Due to the very reason for showcasing style, personality, and dressing, themed weddings are growing in popularity like never before. They present you an opportunity to divulge your interests, create unforgettable experiences, and include all the aspects of a contemporary or traditional wedding. The fact that flowers, invitations, color palette, food, décor, and toast are so integral to a wedding also makes them true ingredients for wedding themes.

It is a good idea to surprise your guests and you deserve every accolade for making it really exciting. However, if you have decided to give a big thumbs-up to have a specific and unique wedding theme for your nuptials, you probably are a little bit confused what to choose and where to begin from. It is about time you have discussed with your friends, family members, and professionals as to what should be done to bring your wedding ideas to fruition.

OR, you can take a look at the following wedding theme ideas that are enough to blow everyone’s mind:

1. Vintage Wedding Theme

The vintage theme for a wedding is so appealing that it will never run out of fashion. Metallic/sequins, lace, and pearl are the center of attention of this special day. You will notice that vintage weddings beautifully revive the elegance of a bygone era. It is characterized by a muted color palette with ivory, shining grey, rose, and gold. Unusual-shaped chandeliers hanging overhead, wooden chairs with medieval floral designs, wedding cake with intricate detailing, vintage wine bottles having customized wine bottle labels wrapped around them – these are some of the special attractions of a vintage wedding theme.

2. Fantasy Style Wedding Theme

If you intend to startle your guests in awe and make an unforgettable dent in their memories, fantasy wedding theme is the most obvious option for you. From bizarre to the exotic, fantasy styled wedding theme will bring out your wildest imaginations. There are so much of ideas to use for the subject of your theme: for example, Game of Thrones minus the bloodshed and gore; wizardry and sorcery for Harry Potter fan club, or a pleasant depiction of Pirates of the Caribbean. Also consider using a magnificent backdrop of Egyptian empire as reviving pyramids, Sphinx, and the land of Pharaohs will surely leave your guests spell-bound. You can also use something really passionate like “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” – a Shakespearean theme which celebrates love.

3. Beach Wedding Theme

Nothing is as comforting as you walk by the side of an ocean, cool breeze flowing through your hair, silky sand under your feet, and you are about to take your wedding vows. For too long, it has always been an appealing proposition for couples to tie their knots by a seaside for many reasons. For one, the serene and coastal environs of a beach can make anyone attracted towards it. Such a calm place provides you every opportunity to transform the place something more than just a nautical. You can further make it beautiful and romantic by customizing its décor and ambience in a creative way.

4. Classic Romantic Wedding Theme

This wedding theme is ageless and timeless that keeps returning more often than not. It is characterized by gorgeous white flowers, spring color palette, graceful touches of gold, and lots of candlelight. If you want this theme as your wedding attraction, be ready to include plenty of lovely details, which will stand the test of time. If we talk about outfits, a bright fir-and-flare gown with crystal detailing is fit for the bride, and a classic black tuxedo would look impressive on the groom. Romantic wedding venues are widely known for their ceremonial arches and aisles are lined with a large variety of flowers. The ambience of such a wedding is calm, serene, and comfortable.

5. Ethnic And Multicultural Wedding Theme

Ethnic wedding styles are becoming popular these days because they present a unique way to showcase different cultures and traditions. There is not a better opportunity to embrace one’s culture, family, and traditions. Wedding colors and lighting are the key elements that are much needed to pull off this vibrant theme. Apart from these, incorporating music and art will make your ethnic and multicultural wedding even more attractive. Finally, the adornments of the native countries to which your theme will belong, are very important to display at the wedding venue. While, the marriage attire from the bride, groom and all sorts of family and friends ought to be for the reason that ethnic culture. Asian weddings, Celtic weddings, and Greek weddings are among the most trending ethnic wedding themes these days.

Final Thoughts

Wedding day is one of the most important occasions in a bride’s or a groom’s life and to celebrate it with unique way is even more special for them. If you want your guests to remember your big day and cherish its memories, any of the above mentioned themes will work for you. However, happiness, love, and amity are always at the core of a wedding celebration.

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