4 Flowers to Gift Your Girlfriend or Wife: A Gifting Guide for Men

Flowers are definitely the best kind of gift that you can get for your woman but which one choose? There are too many flowers, colors, arrangements that you have to go through before deciding the perfect one for your girl. There is a special flower for various occasions and the guys must know that before getting an online flower delivery for his woman. Here are 4 flowers to gift a woman on various occasions.

Yellow Rose or Daisy on the First Date: Many times guys go over the top while they are buying something to impress a girl. In terms of flower, the mistake they do is getting a bouquet of red roses on the very first date. She agreed for a date doesn’t mean she is ready for the lifelong association with you and that’s why you must keep it simple and joyful by bringing yellow roses or daisies for her. Yellow rose or daisy refers to friendship, warmth, and brightness. First, let her feel comfortable in your company and that’s why a yellow rose or daisy is suggested.

Red Roses or Tulips for Anniversary and Valentine’s Day: Celebrating an anniversary or Valentine’s Day together means you both are quite serious for each other and that’s why nothing but red roses or tulips should be gifted to her. In case you cannot meet her, send flowers online and show your love for her. Red roses or tulips refer to an intense and passionate love and she would be thrilled with your gift for sure.

Bird of Paradise for Celebrating Engagement: Every love story is special and goes through some sort of fight, sometimes between the couples and sometimes between the families. After all such hassles and years of dating, when you finally wear that engagement ring on your finger – there is a sense of joy and victory in your mind. Celebrate this joyful day by gifting a bird of paradise flower which has a beautiful combination of bright orange, purple, gold, and dark blue colors.

Pink Carnation for Missing Her: When you are truly missing her presence beside you, let her know that with a fresh flower bouquet of pink carnations. Using some online floral shops, you can send flowers to India anytime you want. Pink carnations also refer to admiration and gratitude she would definitely feel special with your thoughtful “Miss You” gift. This would lead to a healthier bond.

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