Why Zero Edge Casino Concept is better than Traditional Online Casino?

Online gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry because of the huge number of online casino players that loves to try their luck to earn some quick cash. Every online casino offers plethora of options for the online gamers to play and make money but it’s a fact that not every player makes money. This is because online casinos keep certain advantages in its periphery which most online casino players don’t realize. Because of this, online gamblers looses over $400 billion USD to casinos every year. This is a hefty amount looking at the average profit an online gambler makes.
So to break the shackles Zero Edge Casino has come up with a new concept where a casino player doesn’t losses much and in the long run makes good profit. So what is so special about this concept that makes it stand out from the traditional online casinos? Let’s have a look at some of its advantages:  

House Edge:

Online casinos never provides its services for free and if you are thinking that they are honest in their approach then you are wrong as they have created a business model where if you lose the casino makes the profit and if you win then also the casino makes profit. Casinos always beat the players because the odds are stacked in their favor. House Edge is the average profit a casino earns from a player’s bet and this is what that allow them to earn a hefty amount if the sum of the money put on bet by players is put collectively as compared to the money paid back by the casino. But this is not the case with zero edge casino concept as they have a zero percent house edge which means not a single penny is deducted from the player’s bet amount when it comes to paying back to the player. So the online gambler doesn’t receive money after deducting the casino house edge percentage.  

Players Bankroll Monetary Value

The simple definition of monetary value is the amount of value an item or product or a service has in relation to if it is sold for cash to a willing buyer. It has been seen that in the traditional online casino the player’s bankroll monetary value decreases. This must not be decreased but it is one way the casino makes profit from its online gamblers. In zero edge casino concept this is not the case and the player’s bankroll monetary value doesn’t decreases in fact it increases. The players have to buy zero token in order to play and due to increased demand the Zedge coin price increases and everyone gets the benefit. 

Free Money Withdrawals and deposits:

Traditional online casino charges a very small amount when online gamblers withdraw money from their account. This may sound like a negligible thing but if you collectively put the small amount multiplied by the hefty numbers of online players making a withdrawal it will come out to be a huge sum of money which the casino earns. But zero edge casino concept has broken this barrier and there is no fee charged in the name of transactional fee from the players account whenever he withdraws or deposit money into his account.  

Overall if you will look at the concept of zero edge casino you will get to know that they are more player benefit centric and want the online gamblers to make more money than they make while playing with traditional online casinos.

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