Top 8 Types of Watches You Must Know

When it comes to choosing a watch, you need to consider some important attributes like style, fashion, design, function, features and much more. Choosing a perfect watch can be difficult sometimes. If you are still on the fence about choosing the best watch, here is a guide informing you about the different types of watches.

• 1. Mechanical watch

From the name itself, you can be very clear that mechanical watches are a traditional one. These mechanical watches have been long around from now. It doesn't come in a variety of designs. But, it is one of the most traditional watches. It doesn't have great demand.The working principle of a mechanical watch is based on the modern quartz. Interestingly, you can enjoy the light tickling sound of a mechanical watch.

• 2. Sports Watch

There are plenty of new watch brands rising in the market to meet the demands of growing needs. Unlike other basic watches, sports watch is made of a strong and bulletproof material, which is why it is known as a sports watch. Whether you are planning for trekking, mountain climbing, deep ocean diving, you just need a reliable sports watch.

The basic functionality of sports watch includes moisture resistant, rust resistant, etc. On top of that, sports watch can withstand heavy temperatures, rain, corrosion, etc. Hence, it is ideal for all types of sports activities.

• 3. Dress watch

A dress watch is simple and elegant watches. It has been widely used for daily wear. The casual look of dress watches brings the alluring look to your personality. This dress watch is the best option for those who are always busy and running out of time.  This simple and elegant dress watch can be paired with dinner jackets and business suits.

If you are going to shopping, gym or Sunday outing, Dress watch is not the best option. Nevertheless, you can use it for your daily purpose. These watches can be a great birthday present. If you want to present your loved ones an attractive watch, you need to check the best online shopping websites for gifts.

• 4. Water Resistant Watches

Water Resistant watches are specially made of strong gaskets to provide ultimate protection against rust and water. If you accidentally drop your watch in the water, you can retain it without any hassle. The watch uses a special form of sealant that enables the watch to keep away from moisture content. This type of water-resistant watches will undergo a series of tests.

After clearing the moisture test, these watches are sent for delivery. As it comes with ultimate water-resistant property, you can use it easily. Water resistant watches are paired with beach dress. Wear luxurious water resistant watches and get beach ready.

• 5.Self-winding Automatic watch

In this type of watch, there is no need to monitor the winding process. You can simply wear this beautiful watch without any hassle. The self-winding automatic watch is equipped with an electronic rotor, which maintains the regular movement of the watch.

If you want to wear traditional watches, then the self-winding automatic watch is the best option. it is easily available in all the online eCommerce stores. The most important thing is it can either lose or gain about just 10 seconds a day, which is quite less compared to the chronometer watches.

• 6. Fashion Watches

With the ever-growing fashion technology, most people would like to wear things that are trendy and fashionable. Hence, fashion watches came into existence. There are different types of fashion watches are available in the global marketplace. Each has its unique features. You can get your favorite fashion watches at affordable rates
For both men and women, this type of luxurious wrist watch for girl with price is available. Whether you are going to a wedding, birthday party or even a cocktail party, fashion watch is the best option. Fashion watches are specially designed for all the fashion forwarded person.

• 7. Luxurious watches

Most people preferred buying luxurious watches over basic one. With the ever-increasing fashion trends, there are a wide variety of luxury watches arriving in the market every single day. As the name implies, these watches are fully furnished, attractive and sophisticated watches. The luxury watches are made of diamond, gold, or spring.
These eye-catching luxurious watches are expensive to buy. Nevertheless, it is attractive that grabs the heart of others. If you are going to a wedding party or birthday party, you can wear these fully furnished luxurious watches.  These luxury watches are available in a variety of designs. If you want to best quality watches, you can choose ladies luxury watch sale.

• 8.Chronograph

Chronograph watch shows time in a traditional way. It comes in an easy and simple design. You will have to press the stop button to start the function. The chronograph watch is much like the stopwatch, which lets you refresh the clock time. Chronograph watches are simple yet an effective wear for old lifestyle.

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