Storing a collection

While it may be fun to start or have a collection there is always the problem of where to store it once it’s got out of control and is filling up the house. The is a solution to this and that is the garage. You’ll need Garage Shelving for that job and there is a great website to check out with some options at Let’s look at some of the most popular types of collecting and how they can benefit be being stored in the garage.

1. Stamps and Coins. Ok, while they may not be the largest items themselves they do need to be stored in large books for display. Stamps are issued regularly throughout the year so if you are a very keen philatelist then you sample books could start to increase beyond the normal book shelf. If your more into numismatics then you will find that they can come in special display cases of thick plastics or, again, placed in special coin holding books that need to be pretty strong to accommodate all those heavy coins.

2. Film Memorabilia. This can cover a wide range of topics and be almost anything. From any original piece of celluloid film, the signed photo of a cast list, a set of Goblets used in a Harry Potter movie or a full-sized Stormtrooper outfit. It may be that you choose a particular film to collect for a maybe a movie star. With some storage you can display the best pieces while knowing that there is other stuff out the back!

3. Insect collecting. Not live ones! This is a bit unfashionable now, but it involves taking insects and pinning them to a large board. You then label the species and genus and cover it in glass like a picture. You can then, um, look at them again and say “Oh yes I remember when I caught that (insert beetle name in Latin here). T’was a warm day in June…”. Most likely you’re puffing on a pipe as well. I did say it was out of fashion. Perhaps you should store them out in the garage, so no one knows you do this.

4. Book Collecting. Now this is a timeless collecting hobby. When the house starts to resemble a library then it’s time to expand the collection out to the garage. That way you can leave out your first editions of Tolstoy, Bronte and Giddens Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire where people can see them while the Mills and Boon, which you’ve actually managed to read, languish in the garage.

5. Video games. Yes, that’s right, everyone will want to see those old cassettes and here your tale of the ZX Spectrum and how you loaded them on. The Commodore 64 had one built in you say? Really how very interesting. In all seriousness this are increasingly becoming sought after to locked in the garage might be a better bet for them.

What ever your collection hobby good luck.


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