Healing Programs

It is not easy for parents to cope with a struggling child and it is hard to make decision when it comes to see for help. Especially when it comes to residential or inpatients treatments, parents must think of lot of options from the psychiatric hospitals, wildness treatments, therapeutic boarding schools, or may be from tough love programs or outdoor behavioral healthcare providers. Troubled teen program is one of this types which is really effective.

In this case one cannot expect too many aids since there are limited resources. This is the reason parents rally get confused since they are already desperate. There are well publicized tactics in these types of programs which work on in your face boot camp philosophy.

Healing Programs

It is left to parents to decide which program is most suitable for their struggling child. One thing to understand here is not all the programs which are residential and inpatients are same. Some of the programs employ following tactics.

• Degrading confrontation
• Some other may use deprivation of basic tactics
• Few others may follow the tactics of braking down for resistant teens

If the program is based on these types of philosophy it is not appropriate. Because of these programs, children may get hurt. They also result in more alienation of the teen from parents. So, one must choose programs like troubled teen program which takes care of these things.

There are outdoor and residential behavioral providers of healthcare who offer caring and nurturing environments. They also setup evidenced – based psychotherapy, parent education, alcohol and drug counseling, social skills training and many other proven interventions. In case of unsuccessful outpatient therapy, parents can rely on these programs which can help in save lives, strengthen families, and even facilitate the change.

Questions to be asked:

It is important that parents must ask few questions before they choose a program. Some of them are

• Most important thing that must be questioned is the way the program regard the child it serves. Therapeutic alliance is the main key behind the effectiveness of any treatment intervention. This is nothing but the relationship between child and the caregiver. The caregiver must consider the child as a person of potential and worth. 

• The other important thing that should be asked is about the competencies of the program. The program chosen must have the necessary competencies to effectively treat the child in need and their family. Before placing the child either in residential or inpatient program, parents must be given independent assessment through a qualified professional.

• The program must align with family’s belief system and personal values. Since each child is part of a family, one must understand that family relationship and values are something which must carried long even after the completion of the program.

• The program chosen must be regulated by an accredited or licensed body. If it is maintaining state licensure then it is understood that it meets approved standards of care and report incidents. Along with these they also follow periodic audits and onsite reviews if they are licensed.

There are sources like National Association of Therapeutic schools and programs through which parents can learn regarding best practices and programs.

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