Fun Travel Ideas


Calling all adventure-seekers! If typical vacation destinations leave you wanting more, nothing beats finding an inspired, unusual travel spot that is off the beaten path. If you are longing for more adventure in your next getaway, these fun ideas will give you inspiration for some outside-the-box travel that you will remember forever!


Love Yurts

If you wish to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life, staying in a yurt can give you the off-the-grid experience you're craving. Yurts, small cylindrical tents made of woven lattice wood, are currently gaining popularity right here in the United States as part of the wildly trendy tiny-house movement.  Yurts can be rented pretty much anywhere these days, including Yosemite National Park and other vacation spots in the U.S; however, if it's an authentic yurt-life experience you're looking for, you can't beat an exotic Mongolian adventure. In Mongolia, yurts are called "gers," and are used as primary dwellings for nomads to this day. You can explore Mongolia's myriad wonders including the thriving capital of Ulaanbaatar during the days, then return to your yurt each evening to calm your mind and center your spirit. As if completely unplugging for a few days isn't enough of an incentive, imagine the travel street cred you will earn from your exotic journey- now you get to start every sentence with "When I stayed in a yurt in Mongolia…" for the rest of your life!



Looking for inner balance? Needing to center yourself? An affordable yoga retreat may be just what you need for your next vacation! It doesn't matter whether you're a devout yoga practitioner or regularly attend a casual Saturday-morning yoga class- yoga retreats are popular amongst people of all ages and abilities. Picture yourself in Bali, Bhutan, Iceland, Peru or a number of other intriguing, adventure-rich spots, where you can spend relaxing days and evenings practicing yoga and meditation, sightseeing, and basking in the unspoiled beauty of your natural surroundings. You may think a yoga retreat is a luxury only the rich and famous can afford- however, you don't have to be Julia Roberts to be able to eat-pray-love like her. Finding an affordable yoga retreat is simple if you know where to look. For a calming and transformative adventure you'll remember forever, get ready to say "OM."


Rock the Kasbah

Anyone can take a Caribbean cruise or lie on a sun-drenched beach- why not be a little extra on your next vacation with a once-in-a-lifetime camelback journey through the Sahara desert? A Saharan camel trek can give you the excitement, adventure and authenticity you crave, making it the ideal choice for your next vacation. You'll arrive in Marrakesh, then tour the Sahara on camelback with authentic Berber guides who will lead you through the desert to various points of interest in Morocco, including Casablanca, the imperial cities of Fes and Rabat, and the glorious dunes and kasbahs of Dades. Discover your inner nomad with an epic Saharan camelback trek that will stick with you for the rest of your life!


Opening ourselves up to new experiences and possibilities is one of the main reasons we travel. When we are able to see different parts of the world through the eyes of the people who live there, we get to have one of the most important and rewarding human experiences possible. This year, avoid getting stuck in a travel rut and give yourself a chance to travel with purpose. Amazing and fun alternatives to typical travel destinations are everywhere- you just have to know where to look for them!


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