Box Office: 'Run All Night' cross $10M worldwide

The story is not much big so here it is: Jimmy Conlon is a professional hitman and works for a mob run by Shawn Maguire. Jimmy is known as “The Gravedigger” in his world as no one has escaped his target. He also happens to be close friends with the boss Shawn. But, the twist comes when Shawn gives orders to shoot Michael, Jimmy’s own son that things change and Jimmy goes against his friend and the gang her worked for so he can save the life of his son. Jimmy not only has to stay clear from the mob but, from the police and other assassins behind him now that he has ditched his gang.


Now what to expect: well the movie revolves round facts that Jimmy will be regretting of whatever he did all his life especially having to kill his friends son whom he killed in defense of his son. Then Jimmy also has another issue of his son not wanting him in his life due to his past and on how one night changes everything for Jimmy as the mob he worked for with faithfulness all his life is after him, the police wants to capture him for all the felonies he has done and how he manages to again his reaction with his son. It’s definitely a movie worth a watch. Brad Ingelsby and  Niall Leonard both are best in Hollywood industry and best screenplay writer in Hollywood. Brad is known for his movie Run All Night and Out of the Furnace. Niall Leonard is known for Fifty Shades Freed. Fifty Shades Freed is best romance movie in 2018. The movie is released on February 9, 2018. Watch Fifty Shades Freed online here and see his work in the movie.

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