5 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to Netflix

You might have read so many articles mentioning reasons to avoid Netflix. Although it is true that Netflix is not for everyone, in some cases Netflix might actually be an amazing and worthwhile service for you. Here are the five reasons why you should reconsider to subscribe to Netflix:

1.  Netflix Costs 10 Percent Less than the Satellite or Cable Bill Costs

Research says that people generally watch only 14 channels on average but the average cable bill is 10 times more than what Netflix charges a month for their quick streaming services. You can watch innumerable programs or shows of your choice at just $7.99 a month in Netflix. Moreover, most of the time you watch on TV are commercials that a consumer generally does not want to watch. Moreover, no regional satellite programming providers will offer you hassle-free, no-cost trial for one month of their services. Whereas Netflix gives you a one-month free trial, which you can cancel before the first month ends. Read the Ultimate Netflix Free Trial Guide by TV-Smash to get answers of all your queries regarding Netflix subscription.

2. Netflix’ Exclusive Content

Today, Netflix is the largest video streaming service in the world. It serves more than 190 countries with over 110 million users. In the last few years, there has come a huge change in Netflix. Now Netflix produces its own content rather than publishing licensed content. To fund original content, Netflix removes half of its catalogue. It was a reasonable move by Netflix to include only original content, such as Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, and many others. Producing original programming costs more. But Netflix has chosen quality over quantity. But it seems to be paying off as several original shows produced by Netflix are winning awards and making headlines.

3. It Offers Unlimited Choices

Most customers find DVD / Streaming pricing separation a bit disappointing. I agree to an extent. But now look at the positives of this change. Earlier you had to buy the DVD plan to get streaming services, but now you don’t need to buy the base DVD package if you really not interested in streaming service. So, you can avoid DVD plan to save a few bucks a month. A satellite or cable service provider won’t offer you this choice.

4. Netflix Has No Advertisements

Network broadcasting channels waste a lot of your valuable time by forcing you to watch limitless commercials for products you even are not interested to buy. These commercials may eat up your more than 15 minutes in a 60-minute span. Whereas, Netflix gives you chance to record what you want to watch and when you want to watch even without spending your time on watching those useless ads.

5. You Can Watch Entire Seasons of Your Favourite TV shows

You have to spend more than a year or wait for an entire week to find out the next episode of your favourite TV program. Here the Netflix subscription is worth it as it allows you to watch all the seasons of the most popular previous and present TV shows out there. You can see an entire series of a program any time you want and anywhere you want.

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