Why You Should Read Manga And Why You Should Not

Your leisure time is always planned for some pre-planned activity. There are numerous free-time activities that you adopt in your daily life to enjoy the moment along with some learnings. Reading novels, comic books or manga are one of the reading habits that come with lots of knowledge for the reader. As of now, the online comic market is flooded with countless comics with all new superheroes and new characters.

There are many pros and cons of reading comic books. So, below are some of the advantages of reading comic books.

Comics Are Motivating: Reading comics are always considered to be the motivational tool. Since childhood, students always tend to read something full of excitement and enthusiasm. That’s why they used to be fond of comics during school days. Reading comic books helps you to get motivation and for childhood, it is the best time to churn their mind for maximum output.

Comics Are Visual Media:  According to the science theory, the visual media is more adhere to the mind and eyes as compared to print media. And many comic series are provided in form of visual media that will help the viewer to flourish their skills. The visual graphics sticks to mind as compared to other who really impressed you.

Comics Are Popular: Well, we all are aware of the popularity of comics. Because of its popularity, it becomes easy to connect the students of different locations. Being popular and common among the students, it becomes easy to share it with different types of children.

Entertainment Unloaded: As comics are purely based on some sort of plots, reading it becomes really exciting and entertaining. The action, thriller, suspense, all makes it a dish of entertainment.
Enhance Your Reading Skills: When it comes to the benefit from the knowledge perspective, reading comic books really helps to sharpen your mind. The speed of reading the book helps to enhance your comprehension reading skills. This comes out to be beneficial in later years as well as in many competitive exams.

Disadvantages of reading Comic Books:

Life Of A Virtual World: Being an addict of comic books develops the similar plot within the real life. The different between the real and virtual life makes it really hard to adopt the real things and ignore the virtual presence.

Sometimes Boring: Comics are not always as interesting as you expect them to be. In many cases, the plot, theme, and writing style are not adaptable and you don’t find it exciting to read the whole comic.

Sometimes It’s Just Time waste: There is always a particular time to read comics. For example, reading it at the younger age when you are supposed to search a job, is really irrelevant. So, at that time, reading comic books really distracts your mind from the actual task.

So, these are the pros and cons of reading a comic. After reading this, you will be aware of the positive and negative aspects of reading comics that you can implement in your life. So, it's all  your wise decision to either continue reading or to start avoiding them.

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