Why would anyone use professional translation services?

Documentation in modern times is way faster than ever before. With the automation of the systems, the quick processes and error proof drafting of data into documents, things have definitely become easier. But what if suddenly you need professional translation services for such documents and that when you are in a hurry and can't go out to a translation service provider's office? At Universal Translation Services, we totally understand the fast-paced nature of life today and which is why we are offering online professional translation services for our valuable clients.

What makes us different from other translation services? Here are some of the benefits that you get when you come to us:

Quality Assurance

Even though online professional translation services were initially offered to cut out the time it will take the client to come to our office, they were never compromised on quality. For Universal Translation Services, quality is the topmost priority when it comes to delivering services to our clients. We ensure the provision of all our translation services under strict quality checks as per international standards imposed by the ISO and the ATA.

Questions and Quotes are Free

If you have very little knowledge about the translation world and you need to suddenly use professional translation services, then we can certainly help. It is important to understand that the price of a translation is a great concern for you, so it's better to get a quote before making a purchase. At Universal Translation Services, we offer free quotes for all your documents you need a translation for. You can get in touch with us anytime and our project managers will be there with you to answer any questions you might have about our services and provide you a free quote for your project. This includes the word count, the nature of the translation, any special requirements you may have, the turnaround time, and our price. Our project managers are well versed in the industry and will ask you for any details in order to arrange things for the completion of the project in an efficient and systematic manner.

Expert Translators

Our expert translators belong to different regions of the world. They stay updated with the current trends in their field, so when someone needs to have a document translated; our translators ensure that they are delivering the best translation services on par with the international standards. Our translators have been in the translation industry for a considerable period of time and they have a thorough understanding of all the terminologies used.

We never settle for anything less than high quality, and in order to do that, we will only assign native translators of your target language to the task. Even more, the translators will have large experience in your field so they would already know the terminology used in your document. Our translations are fully TEP, which means that a translator is assigned to translate, a second linguist then edits his work, and a third will proofread the translation. Lastly, our Q&A team will check the translation for any inconsistencies before finally delivering the end product to you. Our project managers keep all these things under consideration with each translation job, and that is why we provide only high quality, professional translation services.

Technical and Customer Support

We have worked and working with both individuals and with corporate, private, and governmental institutions. We know that there is a stringent need for support before, during and after the translation has been delivered. Hence, we offer our clients unhindered support; they can always rely on our technical experts for any kind of problems pertaining to their task no matter if it’s a document, a website, or an app to be translated. Our clients can get in touch with us at any time, day and night, including during the weekend through Live Chat, email or by calling us and we'll be more than happy to assist them.

Affordable Rates

We are aware of the fact that the price is important for our clients and while other companies could charge you an arm and a leg for their translation, we don’t. We charge a flat fee for any language combination you may need, we don’t charge extra if you need a translation in a rush or during the weekend and we sport the lowest prices in the industry.

Formats We Support

Whether your document is in Word, Excel, PDF or any other format, we can translate it. We can even change the format if you require that. Our online professional translation services have been utilized by hundreds of clients from all over the world and we have yet to see an unhappy client. And we are proud that our services have gained us a leading spot in the translation industry.

Get in touch with us today and see how we can help you with your translation needs.

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