What Is The Importance Of Tablets In A Classroom?


In the past few years, tablets have come to replace notebooks, planners, and other materials used to record information and take notes. The change is highly noticeable in schools where people invest many funds each year to provide students with tablets. In addition to that, schools also invest in educational software and content that can reach students through their tablets. As these two applications show, tablets are becoming an integral part of the educational process. In this article, we explain some of the other reasons why tablets are becoming very important tools of the learning process.

It is obvious that tablets help teachers to provide information in a greater variety of ways than traditional textbooks. In a book, the presentation of information is through text and static images. On the other hand, tablets give teachers the flexibility to present information in the form of games, videos, audio, animation, and so on. This makes the content more interesting for the students. They become more attentive and can comprehend the information more easily. This helps the teacher to save time spent in reading a book and explaining the same topic repeatedly. One can spend thetime saved on other more productive tasks.

Tablets also empower students by making their learning self-directed. It is a known fact that each child has a unique learning style that simple reading of a textbook cannot serve. Tablets allow content to match with the learning style of the student by preparing content in different formats. So aural learners can learn by listening to podcasts, verbal learners can read an eBook, kinesthetic learners can learn by playing an educational game, and social learners can learn by participating in a discussion group. Therefore, this helps to ensure not neglecting the learning needs of any childnor leaving them behind in the educational process. Eventually, this should translate into better academic results for the entire school.

Tablets are a sensible tool from an investment point of view. A single tablet can take the place of multiple textbooks, notebooks, and diaries. It can contain the entire course on a microprocessorchip. This makes it easy for the student to carry around and they always have all their content at hand. Moreover, because tablets offer the facility of using learning management systems, teachers can post assignments online, receive them online, and grade them online. Not only does this save a lot of paper, but students also benefit from faster feedback on their performance from the teacher.

Apart from the above benefits, tablets are simply necessary because children are accustomed to living in a digital age. Society is moving rapidly towards the Internet of Things, which will make learning through paper-based books an outdated and obsolete concept. Therefore, schools have no option but to restructure their pedagogical practices, infrastructure, and systems to accommodate tablets into the learning process. This is the best way to meet the demands of educating the new generation.

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