Use your personality trait to get ahead in your life

The level of competition in the workplace is simply amazing. There are only a few positions and a whole lot of people are trying to get these. If you are one of these people who are in the race to better yourself, then it is important to know the inner strength of yourself to get ahead in life. In any workplace environment you have to take a lot of decisions and if you know how your personality affects the quality and pace of your decision-making process then you will be in a better position to control and also leverage it to get better results.

To do so you need the help of a personality test that will accurately tell you about your personality and how you can use it to your advantage. One such test that is making huge inroads in the corporate workspace is called the DiSC. It is an online objective test that slot an individual’s personality into one of the four basic traits that it recognises that affect the decision making and behaviour of an individual in the workplace. The DiSC personality test is an online test that in a very short period of time can accurately find out about the personality of an individual. It is important because it allows the individual to find out what are the things that motivate him and what stresses him.

The DiSC personality test is not some pseudo-science but is based on years of research on behavioural science. This gives it a very strong base and allows it to produce amazingly accurate results of the individual only after they take 10 minutes worth of an objective test. This has made it very popular both among the employer as well as the employees. For the employers, it gives them a golden opportunity to find out the motivating factors of an individual and how he can gel with a new team. This is very important to fit a person in the right team so that the friction between the workers is kept to a minimal. For the employees it allows them to look at their work process and decision-making process afresh and make some changes to ensure that in the future they are in a better position to make a good decision that will, in turn, make them go forward in their job.

The DiSC personality test categories individuals into any of the four personality traits based on their online test. These traits and their features are discussed in brief below.

1). Dominance: These individuals have an authoritarian streak in them as they are only concerned with the bottom line and the final results. They have a great confidence in their ability to direct and control the flow of work in a way that it increases efficiency and productivity. They are prone to take quick decision and love to work independently. A dominant person loves to take out of the box decision and is quick in making his mind about what to do. He is great in those situation where time is of the essence to complete a job.

2). Influence: He is very outspoken and loves to work with others to get the job done. He loves to socialise and spend time in building a relationship. He is always excited by any new project and has a positive attitude towards his work.

3). Steadiness: He is very warm and affectionate in nature who likes to incorporate the views of others. He believes in the power of teamwork to reach any objectives that are set by the management.

4). Conscientiousness: he is very calm and collected person who loves to gain new knowledge. He deliberates a great deal on the available information before taking the final decision.

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