The Beginner's Guide to Trading Currency Online

According to the Portfolio Research & Consulting Group, currency moves in the UK forex market were the highest in 2016 in almost a decade. These moves have excited currency traders who want to take advantage of the fluctuations to make significant profits with their investments. The apparent shift in the industry has also seen a rise in interest in trading currencies.

That said, the process of getting started in this trade can be overwhelming and confusing. Thankfully, being aware of websites like can help you start trading with relevant and up to date information with the potential to make you money.

So, where should you start? Consider the following:

Currency Movement Drivers

Currency values are constantly changing. That is why their exchange rates are never constant. These changes are largely influenced by the wide array of traders buying and selling these currencies, all the while deciding what each of them is worth when being exchanged with another. As global events unfold, the prices of these currencies shift. These judgements by forex traders are influenced by economic and political stability, monetary policies, natural disasters, currency interventions and other such major events.

The Workings of Currency Trades

Forex trading is done in pairs, e.g. EUR/USD. The trader decides on the exchange rate between the two currencies based on what they think will happen to either of them, that is, whether they will strengthen or weaken. For instance, if a trader is convinced that the euro will strengthen against the dollar, he buys euros and ditches the dollar.

If he is proved right, then the value of the currency they now hold (in this case, the euro) rises, allowing them to sell it at a higher price than the one they bought it for. The opposite is also true; if their prediction was wrong, they end up selling the euro at a loss.

Making Money in Online Currency Trading

The truth is simple: forex trading is risky. In fact, many commentators see it as professional gambling. All the same, whatever your opinion on it, there are people making a fortune just exchanging one currency to another. To improve your chances at turning a profit, take your time and study the best practises in forex trading.

There are numerous books that have been written to help even the most clueless traders get started with strategies that work. You can also go through various forex trading forums and learn from other people’s experiences in the trade. But whatever you do, remember not to invest money that you cannot imagine yourself losing.

Because Forex is a high-risk area to invest in, it is important to underscore the need to learn everything there is to learn about trading before using your hard-earned money. Indeed, even the most experienced traders have no guarantee that their next trade will turn a profit. Talk to several financial advisers and forex brokers, use demo accounts to perfect your skill and invest conservatively. Start with small amounts and increase the trades as you perfect your trading strategies. Doing so will do you good in the long term.

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