Insufficient Safety Procedures in Construction Puts Lives at Risk

No matter what industry you think of, there are safety procedures and best practices that should be followed to keep workers and the public safe. Construction is one of the sectors where this is even more important because there can be so much danger on a job site. In an industry where there is so much concern for precision in design and creation of structures, all too often there is a lackadaisical attitude taken towards safety.

About a decade ago in Florida, one construction company thought it would put profit margin ahead of of safety, and cut some corners when building a parking garage. During construction, the entire structure collapsed, killing one of the workers on shift that day. A life was lost only so that a company could make a few extra dollars, when in reality it ended up costing them so much more.

“The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has set standards for all industries, including construction,” said a spokesperson for a Minnesota drug test clinic. “During the construction of large structures, the OSHA has mandated that construction involves the use of “shoring.” Shoring is the use of extra support from wooden or steel beams to help shoulder the load. The construction company in Florida did not use shores when building the first two floors of the garage, even though their blueprints recommended them. When they were pouring wet cement on the top level, which is very heavy, the structure could not handle the load, and collapsed.”

The company ended up being fined by the OSHA for $125,000. After a lengthy appeals process that took nearly eight years, the ruling was upheld. The company was in court proceedings the entire time and still ended up being found violating two sections of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

As this case shows, companies that cut corners when it comes to safety often end up paying the price down the road. First there is the potential for loss of life and injury amongst their workers and even the general public. Then there is the prospect of fines and other penalties after the fact. Construction companies should never take the lives of their workers for granted when budgeting for any project.

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