How to search and find people in the United States

If you want to find a friend or family member who has lost contact or if you want to contact a former partner to get a divorce, ask for alimony, etc. it is possible to find it following some of the forms that are indicated next.

How to know if a person is in prison in the United States

In the United States there are more than 2,250,000 people in prison, so a good place to start looking for a person is to make sure you are not arrested. You have to do a search of county, state, and federal jails that do not include migratory and migration jails.

Search detainees according to type of prison

It is essential to distinguish according to the type of prison, since the databases are different. It is important to differentiate between federal jails from state or local jails.

Also keep in mind that if you are detained for an immigration matter, the database that should be used is the immigration prisons. this site helps people to search for data such as vital records, court resolutions, etc. And it also has a search engine for people detained in the counties or who have a pending warrant. Check out People search in United States

How to search by a person's phone number

  • By phone number: this is what is known as “reverse phone lookup”. In November 2010, Google changed its policy and closed its phone number pages. However, it is still possible to find some data.
  • If you enter a phone number with the area code included in the search box, you will see dozens of telephone directories. If the number belongs to a business, it will appear first.
  • If the number belongs to a home, usually the address does not appear, but if its owner has added it somewhere else on the internet, for example, a Facebook page or similar will appear.
  • If you know the name and area code (zip code) write it in the search box and you can see the phone number.
  • In the google search, the phone numbers that have been removed from the public lists will not appear by decision of their owner. Generally it is also very difficult to find information when looking for cell phone numbers.

Nicknames or usernames

If you know that a person uses a nickname in quotation marks and combine it with other information that you know, for example, company in which you work, sports club or organization to which you belong, etc.


You can search Google Images by the name of a person placed in quotes and then refine the search.

But you can also:

  • Upload an image that you have the person you want to locate
  • Drag and drop an image that you have on your computer or that is on the web
  • And search with Search By Image all the information that can be found related to that image.
  • Another way to search for information with photos is to right-click the URL of an image found on the web and on the page, paste it where the camera icon
  • Download the extension of Firefox or Chrome and when installed click on a photo with the right mouse button search the web for all the information that may be related to that image.

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