How To Avoid Making Poor Career Decisions

Are you confused about what career path to take? You are one of the many youths in Nigeria facing the same problem. Many are not sure which career they should get into or what course to take at the university. When stuck in such a situation, you might begin taking in advice from anyone. It might be from friends, teachers, or family. All this is bound to make you get overwhelmed and make the situation harder. This article has insights on how to avoid making poor career decisions.

get career advice in Nigeria

Most people think their teachers and family know better regarding the courses, subjects, and job market. However, you can use advice from professionals when it comes to making career decisions. The emotional connection with your friends might not give you the solution to go through the dilemma and confusion. You need proper guidance on how to go about making career choices. 

Identifying personality and interest

You have to recognize your personality and interest to enable finding a suitable career. So, professional advice comes handy to help you handle this. Doing something you love or matching your ability is a lot of fun. It means you will have no hesitation to do whatever it takes to succeed. If there’s a gap between the most suitable career and your personality, professional advice will offer corrective measures to overcome that gap.

Why you need a career counselor

It’s a great idea to get career advice in Nigeria from a professional rather than friends, teachers or relatives. The professional offers advice not based on emotional grounds, industry norms, or the current general trend. Expert opinion is usually based on the best option for your personality according to your talent and inherent strengths.

How to find the right approach when making career choices?

Many Nigerians make mistakes when making career decisions. Friends might have an emotional understanding of one’s personality and their teachers or relatives have proper knowledge regarding what happens in the market. They also have ideas on the trending career options and high paying jobs. The truth is career decisions have to be based on more than an emotional understanding of one’s personality. Neither are they based on knowledge of our elders regarding the job market. Right career decisions are in line with one’s inherent strengths and unique abilities.

Some people are unaware of their talent. These might just go with a career based on passion and interest to end up disappointed. Keep in mind that people are born with unique abilities made up of personality and interests. Choosing a career based on interests increases chances of poor performance. This is because interests are usually fleeting. What might be of interest today might not be the same tomorrow.

This is what you should do

Every individual has to make an effort to understand their personality and interest. Knowing who you’re and what you’re comprised of enables choosing a career best suited for you. This increases your chances of success in whatever you seek out to do if it’s based on your strength. The best thing to do when perplexed on what to choose for a career, course or subject is to seek professional career advice.

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