Guitar Basics: Why is the Technique Important?

Do you sometimes feel that your progress is on the guitar?
Can you play some chords and songs on guitar, but do you feel that you are "stuck"? Does it seem like you lack the necessary technology to perform the things you really want to be able to play? Would you like better technique on the guitar, but do not know which exercises you can achieve this?
The most significant stumbling block for most guitarists is the moment they have mastered the basics.
An excellent base in guitar technique ensures that you will play with more confidence, fewer mistakes, and more difficult pieces can play. However, there is an immense difference between playing basic chords and developing the skills needed to raise your guitar playing to an advanced level. As a result, many novice guitarists get stuck after they have mastered the guitar base.

Do you sometimes hit the wrong strings when you want to play something or do not some fingers seem to be doing what they have to do?
You want to play a riff, but you lack the necessary technology.
You like to play solos but do not know where to start learning scales.
You notice that some fingers cannot reach far enough to the right fret.
You lack flexibility or strength in your fingers (especially the little finger will not have much power in the beginning).
Your guitar playing lacks speed.
Your fingers do not work independently.
One day you play a more difficult piece flawlessly, but the next day you make back the mistakes that you thought you had solved.

What Now?
Two different things can happen after you have mastered the basics of guitar playing. You can keep repeating the same chords and songs until you realize that you are making no progress. At this point, it often happens that you search without purpose on the internet and jump from one article to another. Or you can learn how to transform your practice routine so that you can make progress with every exercise you take!

Would not It Feel Good to Know That You're Making Progress Every Time You Pick Your Guitar?
Purposeless searching around online is not the best method to make real progress. Once you have the right information regarding guitartricks, you can spend more time with your guitar, instead of for your computer. By doing a routine practice you can really get results, it is essential that you not only know WHAT to practice but also HOW to practice.

What Professional Guitarists know about Building an Effortless Technique:
It happens to you more often; you watch a performance by a celebrated guitarist and decide to observe carefully what he is doing. It is confusing and frustrating at the same time to reach the next conclusion after the performance; "everything he plays looks so easy"! You may wonder how this Guitarist has achieved this Effortless Technique and whether you will ever be able to reach this level?

Maybe you think you lack time to practice guitar?
The truth is that the time you spend to practice is often not as important as having the right information and exercises. Even if you do a few minutes per day, if you use it efficiently you will make a lot of Rapper Progress than waste hours with inefficient practice routines.

Maybe Do you think you lack the Talent to become a Good Guitarist?
It is factual that few musicians are born with an individual talent; e.g., an excellent hearing or a perfect memory. Yet only a tiny percentage of musicians who achieve a high level are born with the exceptional ability. Talent is fun when you have it, but probably not decisive for whether or not to develop an effortless technique. What then is decisive to arrive at an effortless technique?

The Way You Practice is Decisive for the Progress You Make!
Did you know that Professional Guitarists do a flawless performance while playing the guitar because they work in a specific way when practicing? They know specific information about how the muscles of the human body work and practice in a way that these exercises lead to a predictable result. They use this information to give clear instructions to their body so that they can perform the skills over time without thinking about it.
There is a big difference between a guitarist who makes constant progress and a guitarist who progresses very slowly or even makes no progress at all! So, make sure you are on the right track!

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