Creating Good Learning Objectives

Creating good learning objectives is somewhat a demanding task but still an essential part of starting an online course.

You have to choose your words very wisely while phrasing the learning objectives, to attract students as well as to make them understand what they are learning.
Your learning objectives should always tell what you want your students will be able to do once the course is complete.

Action verb, while setting good learning objectives, is very important; you have to be able to tell what the students are expected to learn.

Almost all the times a verb is the first letter of a good leaning objective.

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a combination of three models coined by American educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom.

Since it’s introduction in 1956 Bloom’s Taxonomy is habitually looked upon to structure good learning objectives.

The Taxonomy has evolved a bit with time as per 2001’s edition of the Bloom’s taxonomy, the levels are:

• Remember
• Understand
• Apply
• Analyze
• Evaluate
• Create

Know your audience

Keeping the audience in mind while setting the learning objectives is very important. Knowing your audience cuts half of your work.

This way you won’t have to answer different basic queries every then and now. One will write accordingly if one is to create learning objectives for the freshers.

You cannot set same learning objectives for a fresher and an experienced employee or student.
Take note of the things they already know and new things which will make them better after the course.

Lesser the better

Lesser is better in this situation; one may want to keep the language simple and the sentences short.

This will make understanding the task easy for the learner. They will get to know what the course is expecting from them, hence, the better results.

Eliminate the extra content and just include the things the learners will have to know at any cost.

Always support the reviews

You should always support honest and meaningful reviews regarding training product. This will help you with creating a well-sequenced and more balanced training product.

Supporting the reviews will also make learns understand that you care for them and the course’s real objective is to teach them something new and denotation.

No overlapping statements

The mistake that people are making more often than not is that while setting learning objectives, they overlap the statement.

If you have two statements or topics, you should not mix them, asking two questions or creating two statements is a better option.

Making a two-pointer statement also violates our point that says the statements should not be very long.

Set achievable goals

There is no point in setting a goal that is impossible to achieve. Time is very limited in an eLearning course so if you think the target or goal is tough, assist the learners with appropriate tools and extended time.

Your objective is to teach something not to fail people.


So, these are a few things which one should keep in mind while is to create learning objectives. Hope the information will assist you nicely.

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