A guide to buying the best chicken egg incubators

However good and advanced an incubator may be, it will never give 100% results. The best you can get is 80%. If you consider factors like environment, shipping, and many others, it may bring the number to 50%.

Some eggs can withstand some abuse, but the fact still remains that eggs are vulnerable to changes in the environment. If there is drop or a rise in the temperature and humidity, your embryos will be affected.

In any case, buying the right incubator will make all the difference for you. The incubator should allow for any change or enhancement to take place easily.

Why is it important to get the right incubator?

Egg incubators vary widely in terms of price. There are some that cost a few hundreds, and others that cost thousands. You can build your own, or find some reviewed best cheap incubators if you are running low on cash.

In this case, best, means what is convenient for you. It does not have to be too cheap or too expensive. As long as you can get the best out of it, it’s a worth investment.

You will need to check the temperature and humidity at all times. Apart from that, there is frequent turning as a way to take care of your eggs.

That means you need to consider either…..

Manual, automatic or semi

This is one of the variations that make the difference in incubators. The manual one is cheaper, but requires a lot of work. If you can wake up in the middle of the night to rotate the eggs, then these are the items you should go for.

However fully automatic incubators are the best in every way. They are easier to use and can possibly hatch more eggs.

When you decide to go full auto, be sure to get the top quality incubator. Check the reviews from other users to establish whether or not the item will give you what you want. There are so many types and brands; it is quite hard to choose the right one.

Egg types

This is a factor that many people ignore, but one that is very important. Different eggs are adaptive to different environments. You can never assume that any type of egg will hatch in the set conditions.

The good thing about chicken eggs is, the can adapt to the right environment faster. This is why chicken eggs incubators are most popular. You can never miss to find an item that suits your needs.

Features of the incubator

Things are changing in the world of technology. Because of this, every new model of incubators that come on the market has better features. These are the things you should look for:

  • The capacity. How many eggs can the incubator hold? And how many do you want to incubate? Expert’s advice that the best incubator should hold at least 6 eggs. At least 4 of these eggs will be hatched.
  • Controls. Temperature and humidity are the two most important things to look for in an incubator. You will need to identify the features that make your incubator worth your investment in terms of usability. A fully automatic control or these conditions is necessary. Should you take it manual, you will require getting a high quality thermometer and hygrometer. What about water filling? Get an incubator that provides the best options for filling water.
  • Power consumption. Power is necessary for running an automatic incubator. You don’t want an incubator that consumers too much. At least 12 watt is good.

The process of hatching chicks is quite fun. Watching them crawl out of the shell makes you feel like part of the creation process.

This means protecting the embryos throughout the process should be your priority. This is much easier if you have the right tools.

The features above are only basic. Other incubators have way cooler features, but they come at a price. If you have the right budget, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything.

Best incubator tricks

Here are a few points to note:

  • Incubator placement can make a huge difference. Make sure the location does not have direct sunlight, is not close to heating elements, and there are no airflows.
  • Ensure you incubator is thoroughly cleaned before you begin the process. The incubator should come with manual instructions and cleaning requirements. Not all cleaning products may be safe you’re your type.
  • Check the optimal temperature and humidity for the breed of eggs you have. There are always slight differences which are important.
  • Learn a few tips about incubators before you take the step. This is not something for everyone unless you have the passion. In that case, it should not be difficult getting information online.

Egg incubators have become an important tool for farmers and backyard gardeners. You don’t need chicken to hatch your eggs. These items have made it very convenient to produce as many chicks as one may want.

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