5 Easy Ways to Begin Your Natural, Non-Toxic Life

Switching to an all-natural lifestyle is one of the very best changes you can do for your household into a toxin-free space. However, such a project can be overwhelming. How do you even start clearing out your home from toxins? Where do you begin? Do you have to throw out whatever’s in your home and refurbish? Not so. We know that time and cash are valuable to you, so we found better ways to keep you and your family safe.

We've produced ten easy steps that show you how to start living naturally! This is not an all-inclusive checklist and it does not include every single step required to ditch 100% of chemical dangers in your home. But it’s a great starting point to tackle some of the biggest issues you’re facing when turning your back to toxins.

1. Tidy up your cosmetics
This was my first approach to master a natural lifestyle. Even numerous of the all-natural and organic brands hide a bunch of nasty chemicals in their products, so you really have to look at the ingredient checklist before purchasing any beauty items. This can be frustrating at first, but you’ll get the hang of it really fast. If you want to check out an all-natural brand that you can trust we got you covered. Go to Sunshine Organics for certified organic products that are guaranteed to be non-toxic.

2. Select healthy produce and reduce meat
Personally we’d urge you to check out some plant-based recipes to reduce your meat consumption. The more you read about this kind of diet the more you’ll see how it’s your healthiest choice.  Another step towards healthier nutrition is to sign up with a natural food co-op to get a box of seasonal fruit and veggies delivered to your home. This will make you get used to eating healthier.

3. Clear your home of synthetic fragrances
This is an absolute must! These products constantly blow poisonous fumes right into your house. Restroom air refreshers, area sprays, plug-ins, aromatic candles, perfume, body haze, essentially anything with an odor is most likely full of harmful chemicals. We all desire good smelling homes, so this is what you can do instead: get some Beeswax candles, make your own DIY room sprays, and buy an oil diffuser for essential oils. You can make your own essential oil mix out of lavender, lemon, cedarwood, cinnamon and orange for a fresh scent throughout your entire home.

4. Prevent refined vegetable oils.
Begin by changing out your cooking oils-- get rid of your canola, peanut, veggie, or soybean oils. If you eat a bunch of processed food then the hardest step is to start looking for these vegetables oils in them. Olive oil is usually good choice to stay healthy.

5. Change out your cleaning products
One day I realized that it’s totally unnecessary to get a different cleaning product for every surface area in my house. You definitely don’t require all these poisons in your home. If you want a product that is amazing for more than just one purpose then you should check out Yaya Maria's natural dish soap. Their dish soap is the most natural on the market and can also be used for all kinds of functions when cleaning your home.

Follow these 5 easy steps on your journey towards an all-natural, non-toxic lifestyle. Each adjustment is leading you towards a much safer, less-toxic, all-natural way of life for you and your family.

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