4 Surefire ways to sell rental facilities in a B2B market

When it comes to building a B2B network, many sites and sources will advise that you focus primarily on the Social media marketing. And while this is a good strategy to have, as there are over 1.7 billion active facebook users according to statisticbrain, it should not be the end all to securing a sale of a rental facility in today’s B2B market.

Getting sales on rental facilities is more than a social matter.
One of the main issues with selling a rental facility in today’s technological world is that you are trying to gain a client of something local on an international platform. For example, if you are trying to sell storage space, then you need to have a means for the potential client to see the space that you are trying to rent to them. Just using social media will not work, you have to have local B2B networking and support. Put your business cards out in the local market, consider purchasing advertisement space on the local television advertisement boards, and get the word of mouth/ referrals going. Then try these 4 surefire ways to sell rental facilities in a B2B market.

Backlinking through your network’s blog
A site needs to have a blog or some form of communication which can be shared with the public. Information and empowerment is a key in today’s market. When you build your blog, ensure that you have inbound and outbound links. One way in which to build sales is to have B2B linking and backlinking agreements between businesses within your network. The basic strategy is this. When you write your blog, you will link information to one of your business affiliates. The link helps with their SEO. As a sort of “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours” deal, the affiliated site puts a link to your website in their next blog post. In this way you have traffic being driven to your site and have a higher probability of retaining clients.
Keep in mind that you may want to encourage your network affiliates to post one of your videos on their blog. Forbes has reported that this is still the leading trend in marketing. Regardless of whether you have a reference on a site or a video, the content needs to be engaging and allow for snippets and shares.

Sponsor a local radio event
How do you sell a rental facility in the local B2B market? One way is to get people to visit your physical location by sponsoring a radio event. Local stations are more than happy to go to the location of a business if there is a cause or if they can boost their listening audience. The key is to find something which will bring people in. For the most part, this means either free food or prizes. The public loves free. Additionally, if you can land a major radio station to come to your business, you will have more of the public stop by to see the radio personalities. Just remember, you need to have marketing material on hand for the people who visit, and the radio personalities need to continuously give out the information pertaining to your business.

Take part in a Business Expo
One of the reasons that businesses fail is due to the fact that the community simply does not know that the business exists. To build up B2B relationships as well as to build up potential clients, businesses should participate in local business expos. During this time, you will not only obtain a list of potential allies, but you will see the competition as well. Business expos are open to the public which will increase your odds of becoming a known and legitimate contributor of the community. When participating in a local business expo, ensure that you have information to give any party inquiring of purchasing a facility. You should also consider having a scheduling book ready for onsite tours of the facility to increase sales. Remember, the more information that you can present to potential clients as well as to businesses which can help drive sales, the better.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce
It is not superfluous to join the chamber of commerce, but rather beneficial in today’s B2B marketplace. The chamber of commerce is the number one location that the local community turns towards to find information about local businesses. Additionally, phone books, flyers, business events, and such FREE exposure is generally restricted to those member of the chamber of commerce.  In some communities, the chamber of commerce distributes new and established business guides to the community. In other instances the chamber will give exclusive rights to members to advertise in local publications, performances, sports venues, and government sponsored events. All of these are excellent forms of increasing your marketability in today’s market.

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