Types Of Timber And Its Uses

Decorating our home gives us joy and the joy jumps a level up if the furniture that supports to interiors are made of various varieties of timber, with great cuts, designs, color and looks. Timber is one of the greatest source of furniture building, as it is durable, affordable and there are a variety of options available for the same.

Here are few options for timber furniture that you can find and choose as per your requirement and budget –

1. Teak Wood –

It is a hard and dry wood, which is greatly fire resistant. One of the best parts about this wood is that white ants don’t easily spoil this wood. This makes the wood more durable. It looks beautiful in your home as it also takes the polish color very well.

2. Rosewood –

This is a high quality wood, which is very valuable. It takes up high polish, and is available is large pieces. Therefore, if you are looking to make big pieces of attractive furniture, this can be an advisable option.

3. Mulberry Wood –

This is a very different sort of wood, which is not generally used for making furniture. It is easier to bring this wood into different shapes. Therefore, this sort of wood is generally used to makes small decorative pieces for your home. They look attractive, as giving the perfect finish to this wood is easier.

4. Sissoo Wood –

This wood has a lot of strength and closely grained. It is difficult to work with this wood, as it is heavy and takes up a lot of time for fine polish. Since it is such a tough wood, it is generally used in things which require a high quality work.

5. Pine Wood –

This sort of wood is tough and is generally used for making window panes, photo frames etc. It is course grained but it decays if it comes in contact with soil. Therefore, it is important to use the wood correctly.

Timber furniture looks beautiful, and there are more than the above mentioned varieties of options available for timber. To make the best use of the the timber, it is important to know the qualities and features of the wood to be used and try to make the best use of it.Timber is always a preferred choice for making your furniture as it smells good, fits perfectly at your home, it is easily movable, it is cost effective, etc. Even when you want to renovate your home, it is easier to change the furniture into something new.

Timber fits into all aspects of making your home. May it be using it in a dining table, have a sofa set, making your bed, cupboard, TV Cabinet, book shelf, show pieces or anything at all. All you need to do is, decide where you want to use the timber, and how to make your home look subtle yet beautiful. After all, its your home and you want the best for it.

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