The Art of Tiling

Unlike paint where you can easily cover with a fresh coat when you make a mistake, tiles cannot be easily replaced. It will take time and money to replace a project when you are not satisfied and replacing, it will cost you. This is why Better Tilings, the most trusted tiling contractor Sydney considers tiling as an art and their goal is to always get it done right the first time. A good tiling job can turn an old bathroom into an artwork; a kitchen can have an instant makeover just by installing a beautiful back splash. Another reason why Better Tiling is a perfect choice, as your tiling contractor in Sydney.

Better Tiling is a Sydney based company specializing in tiling services and an accomplished contractor working on residential, commercial and insurance projects. The company has 10 extremely skilled and experienced staff members who strive to provide customers with the most aesthetically pleasing, highly functional and flawless tiled spaces. Together with high-end tiling, they can perform quality stonework for swimming pools, kitchens, bathrooms and laundry. Waterproofing and silicone work are also part of the service package to make sure that high quality finishes were delivered to the clients. Spanning three generations of ownership in Sydney and gaining a good reputation in its 10 years of service, they are the top of mind tiling contractor in the area.

Tiling as an Art
In Better Tiling, each project is an expression of their expertise in the field. Designs were discussed thoroughly with the client to make sure that the finished products are according to the specifications. The crew is well trained to keep abreast with the latest technology so that the company can expand their horizons and offer better services suited for modern applications. The company makes sure that every finished product highlights the exquisite tastes of the owner and becomes a showpiece.

Not only does the company specializes in indoor tiling, their outdoor finished projects are also a site to behold. Whether it is pool restoration, new pool or spa is rendered and tiled with high quality finishes. In addition, they are also an expert in pool copings, waterline tie bands and repebble of Pebbletex interiors. For a more aesthetic effect, the coping and paving are sure to match the surrounding theme or yard. Better Tiling, you can only expect top-class services and flawless results.

As the best tiling contractor Sydney, Better Tiling crew can work on any idea or design the owner. They will sit with the client to help plan the new tile design and tile patterns, materials needed, choosing from inexpensive glazed ceramic tile to natural stone. Once they both agree on the plan and materials, Better Tiling can source and supply the right amount and get the project running on time. The company believes that right planning can lead to a beautifully executed project.

At Better Tilings, you can expect nothing less than high quality, beautifully executed and best results at an affordable cost. Truly, something beautiful need not be expensive.

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