Teak Wood Furniture

The wood is selected by maturity and good sanitary condition, it is subjected to oven drying with digital control, which guarantees stability and uniformity in the intrinsic humidity of the wood.
We offer the manufacture and installation of sunshades, pergolas, decks and all types of furniture made in teak, we also work according to designs and specifications provided by the client, guaranteeing the fulfillment of their requirements and conditions, expressing themselves in products of excellent quality.

Teak is one of the woods most adaptable to environments and climates. Above all, it is found naturally in countries such as India, Burma, Indonesia, and Thailand, but for a while now, and above all because of the level of imports it generates, it is being planted in Latin America, such as Jamaica, Honduras, Haiti, Cuba, Trinidad, where it is coming from in large numbers.

The tree reaches a height of up to 50 meters, and its wood is fine and hard, a quality that is highly valued for the manufacture of furniture; easy to work, dry and preserve; its natural durability is really good. It has resistance to termites, fungi, and the weather, and is practically insensitive to moisture and insects. It has an antiseptic oil that makes it very resistant and protects it from the attack of different organisms.

Due to the above characteristics and its beauty, teak wood is considered one of the most valuable species in the world.Outdoor furniture made with teak does not require paint or varnish. The monsoon rains make this wood a great ally when it comes to using it for outdoor furniture. Teak is one of the few kinds of wood in the world that has a natural oil that makes it waterproof, avoiding cracks, deforming or breaking. Teak is very resistant to decay and has resins that naturally repel termites, an added value!

For all this is a perfect wood for your home if you do not decide or do not know much about the world of woods. The teak, of dark tonality, looks good in almost any style of decoration. Although teak wood is perfect for outdoor use, it is increasingly used for any dependence on our house.

Teak products for outdoor use need regular maintenance for lasting in good shape for a long time. There are different varieties of teak wood garden furniture which are high in demand. Some of the commonly used types are garden benches, garden fences, Adirondack chairs etc. Though not always outside, patio furniture also should be made of good material to last for a long time. Teak is the best choice for that, as it can last more than any other natural and synthetic wood materials.

Teak wood is a hardwood with beautiful golden or yellow color. It possesses the natural property of resistance to damages. Teak wood produces natural resins and oils which prevent penetration of moisture inside and serve as good repellents against pests and insects which damage the furniture. Teak wood furniture is more popular due to its durability, attractive texture and color.

The teak furniture is very easy to maintain. If you have been exposed to the elements and left untreated, the teak will face a beautiful silver-gray patina after a few months. This change in the appearance of the wood does not affect the structural integrity of the furniture.

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