Sewing Machine For Leather
Things made of genuine leather are always in fashion, and this is due to the unique qualities of this natural material. Thanks to them, clothing, leather accessories always look elegant and stylish, they are practical and durable. However, the prices for genuine leather products are always high, and so many are thinking about how to sew clothes or a leather bag yourself. But not many people know that to sew natural, especially thick skin, you need a special sewing machine for the skin. Working with the skin is, after all, a special kind of sewing and needlework, which requires not only a machine for the skin, but also various special tools, fixtures and legs. To work with the skin you need to know the technology of tailoring the skin. For a qualitative line on the skin, which can only be performed once, special threads and needles are needed. In this article, the technologist atelier will share the secrets of how to sew the skin at home, and the service technician will advise which household Mini Sewing Machine can be used for the skin. 1. Household model of sewing machine for leather sewing Sewing machines in its overwhelming majority are designed for sewing only fabric. They can not sew a natural skin, because, unlike a fabric, the skin has special properties. For example, for a puncture of a thick skin with a needle, a large force of the electric drive is required, the foot should be raised considerably higher than that of a conventional machine. Since the skin needs to be sewn, making as little as possible punctures with a needle, it will take a long stitch of 6-8 mm, etc. Proceeding only from this, we can say that a sewing machine for the skin should have strong metal knots, its electric drive should be more powerful than a conventional machine, and besides, it should be possible to set a special stitch length and the height of the presser foot. And any adjuster can still add that there are also a few other parameters for the interaction of the needle and the shuttle. In addition, since the skin advances poorly enough, the sewing machine must have a special knot of the tissue engine. In industrial machines, this is done in different ways, depending on the purpose of the machine. But most often, along with the rod (lower teeth) moves and the foot, and sometimes the needle. Only in this case the skin does not sit down under the foot, and the seam turns smooth and neat. But there are also household machines for tailoring leather. Here in this photo is just such a sample. Look, it does not have anything superfluous, only the stitch and zigzag stitch length adjusters and the handle to move the needle to the extreme left or right position. A powerful pen says that the weight of this machine is not less than 15 kg. Here this machine will confidently sew the skin and even the thick skin in a few folds. And despite the total absence of different lines, the price for her today is $ 600 (online store And instead of walking foot to the car attached here is such a device. This is a little primitive, but very simple and reliable way to sew the skin without planting and shifting.

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