Music For Motivation is always the best

As a stimulating emotional factor, music is likely to be more powerful than any other medium in having an exceptional behavioral impact linked to the strength and complexity of its nature. Styles, timbres, tempo, dynamics, tone, are all stimuli that speak to us and move us.

Potentially a positive factor of well-being, music is an investigative register that I consider primordial in a consumer behavioral approach that has a positive effect on the shopping experience, on the brand image, as well as in any managerial approach to animation. the context of the company.

From Pharrell Williams 'Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations" to "Happy", "Feel Good Music" is a genre in itself that was even industrialized in the 1960s by Berry Gordy, the founder of the Motown label.

From a marketing point of view, the music has already proven itself as "Nudge", a simple lever that encourages a clientele to a specific action (I can not help but recommend the remarkable book by Eric Singler on this subject, "Nudge marketing-How to effectively change behaviors").

Music played in the Freetime fast food chain was always played at an accelerated tempo. Intelligence taken at the time, this transformation uptempo led the customers to eat faster, and by the same to increase the productivity of the chain of restoration.

Be careful however: a double-edged soul, the relevance of a work or a musical selection for a company is matched only by the good definition of the objectives, and its target. The misinterpretation can be expensive: nobody will take pleasure in a shop diffusing depressing music as it is unfortunately sometimes the case. If your brand conveys traditional values ​​of conformity, we will avoid associating Iggy Pop ...



Listening to music is probably the easiest and fastest way to enhance your motivation. Indeed, music has the power to change or amplify your emotional state. 

It is therefore very important to choose the music you are listening to. A sad song could have a negative effect on your motivation. Always choose songs that give you energy. The right kind of song needs to be played with a soothing sound like the Audio Technica at lp60 turntable.

The right song at the right time is a very effective motivator. Moreover, music can be easily integrated into your daily life. You can listen to it in almost any situation:

  • when you take a shower
  • during your commute to work
  • during your breaks


You have probably already felt the energy and the emotion that invades you after seeing a great movie. The reason is that movies are designed to elicit all kinds of feelings.

After a hard day, do not hesitate to watch a movie to recharge your batteries. Many movies inspire motivation. It depends on your preferences, however you can watch headlines: Forrest Gump , Rain Man , The Family Man or The Pursuit of Happiness. .

In short, this gearshift that allows music must be masterfully controlled by specialists of the subject having integrated both its deep nature, as well as the precise knowledge of the tastes of its target.

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