How to become a wedding photographer?

The bride and groom represent pure happiness, the groom's mother dries her tears, and the rest of the guests eagerly await the opening of the bar. No one can capture these moments better than a professional wedding photographer. This is the person to whom everyone turns to capture a magical moment that will be preserved and cherished in albums forever

Nowadays, weddings are getting bigger and bigger. As everyone wants the big day to be unique, the demand for Wedding Photographers is important. If you have the artistic eye, a passion for great opportunities and retouching talents, becoming a wedding photographer might be a good career choice for you. Follow our guide to find out more!

What salary can you expect?

Your potential salary as a wedding photographer will depend on a number of things. First, freelance, your salary will depend on the number of marriages you have photographed, how many hours you work during a wedding and your experience. If you work in an agency, you will probably earn an annual salary adjusted to your experience and your talent. A starting salary will be between 18,000 and 20,000 euros per year. A more advanced role will bring you between 28,000 and 34,000 euros per year. Finally, your salary will depend mainly on your abilities. If you can take incredible shots, you will have more attention and more work opportunities.

How to become a wedding photographer?

We are not going to lie, living life as a wedding photographer is not easy. That being said, it's not completely impossible either, and there are several steps you can take to give you a little head start on the competition.

1. Having a thorough knowledge of all types of photographs is essential. All marriages are not alike, and it will adapt to the needs of customers. For that, it will be necessary to be prepared with all the conditions and to offer an irreproachable service.

2. To succeed in freelance, it is important to have some business sense. In a hyper-competitive market, you'll need to know how to make your work visible, get noticed, and build a network with your potential customers, current customers, and past customers.

3. The biggest benefit to having when you try to break into the middle of wedding photography is to have a portfolio of thunder. Whether you take photos in your spare time, for a friend or any other reason, building a portfolio will show your potential customers your eye, your style, and your talent.

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