How to be Assured of Genuineness While Buying Original Art?

Every art enthusiast wants to buy original art online or offline. However, not just the novices but veteran art experts and collectors also fall into the trap of forgers many times. They are forced into believing a fake painting to be an original one. The forgers leave no stone unturned to fool the art lovers. They show fake authenticity certificates, signatures, and what not.

Nonetheless, do you want to fall into the trap? Have you ever been in one?

Well, if you want to save yourself from the trap and don’t want to waste your hard earned money, read this blog. In this post, we tell you the ways in which you can know if the painting is an original one or a reproduction or imitation of the same.

•    Check the size-Always get the details of the original art. Get the details of the same from an authentic gallery or search in the online catalog. After being sure of the genuineness and the size of the painting, you should check if the painting you are being shown by the dealer is in the same size or not.

•    Don’t assume it to be the first copy-Don’t take the words of the seller at face value. You never know the piece is an authentic one or an imitation. Do some research from, your end or hire an expert to know the same.

•    Don’t believe that authenticity certificate-Most of the forgers fool the art lovers by canceling all the ifs and buts going on in the mind of the potential buyer by showing him the authenticity certificate. However, no authenticity certificate can prove the originality of the painting. Remember just like they can get a copy of the original painting made, they can get the fake authentication certificate made as well.

•    Ask for the buying receipts-When you buy original art online from a reseller, ask him for the purchase receipt. If he denies sharing the same with you or starts giving excuses for not having the same, take it as a red flag.

The aforementioned points clearly tell you how vital it is to be active and careful you need to be while you buy original art online. So, buy art but after taking the advice of some art expert. Do some research on your end as well? Don’t haste, first of all, make sure that the piece is an original one? Thereafter, buy it so that you don’t have to regret investing such a huge amount on a fake painting. Besides, buy art because you really want to buy it not because it is created by some famous artist. Obviously, you can sell it when the prices in the art market rises. But till the time it is adorning your house walls, should it not be the one you love?

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