High Low Hem- A New Trend In Wedding Gowns

In case you are going to be a bride soon and are hemming and hawing on the length for the wedding gown, then the high-low hem is the perfect compromise. Long in the back and short in the front, these wedding dresses are known in a number of names like the waterfall hemline or the high-low dress. So, in case you prefer a dramatic wedding style and are enough fashion-forward, then you will definitely love this trend.

High low-hem wedding gown- a fashion favorite

This type of wedding gown style was spotted at both the Barcelona Bridal Fashion week and New York Bridal Fashion Week and since then it has become a complete fashion favorite. This type of wedding gown comes with a unique design construction, which includes a deep hem to the back and a high hem at the front. This construction looks completely fabulous and modern and therefore this style offers the brides a great scope to show off their sexy legs and the killer heels. In case you are not convinced, then this article will guide you with some helpful details.

The popularity of the high-low-hem wedding gown:

So, it is obvious that the high-low hem wedding gowns are just perfect for the non-traditional brides. With the decorated and ruched bust line of these ladylike wedding downs and the short front hemline make these wedding gowns a seriously sexy look. This type of wedding gown mainly showcases the hemline, which is mainly up to the knees or a little below. Besides, in some cases, this type of gown becomes longer as in this case this gown angles toward the back section of the gown.

As a whole, the high-low hem wedding gown works as a trendy style and also flaunts a wonderful silhouette for both the informal and semi-formal wedding dresses, depending on the style and length of the gown.

High low-hem wedding gown- some more information:

The best thing about the high-low hem wedding gown is that there is no limitation of diversity. Even in case, the hemline is versatile enough, but the standard high-low gown is available with a strong contrast. But in case this gown style is drastic for your taste, then you can actually opt for some more subtle difference with the back hemline, which is actually longer but doesn’t touch the ground. This style shows off a 360° leg view or highlights the ankles of the wearer. Irrespective of the design, this style will make your legs look the best. This gown style is capable of doing some great tricks and this thing makes even a petite bride looks like million bucks.

Different styles of high-low hem wedding gowns:

This trendy wedding gown style comes with a range of styles and some of the popular ones include:
1. To the knees: This is the modest version of the high-low trend for the longer-length style, which actually brushes the knees of the wearer. Therefore, this look is ideal for the brides, who look for some fashion-forward style on their weddings, which don’t stray too far from the conventional shape of wedding gowns.

2. Short and sweet: This is a short asymmetrical style of the high-low wedding gowns and this style is just perfect for keeping the brides cool. Therefore, this style is ideal for the city weddings during the summer months.

3. Full-length high-low hem dresses: This is basically the style of floor-length asymmetrical gowns, which offer the brides the scope to rock the trend of high-low hem without revealing their legs much. But these dresses should be paired with the statement bridal shoes for more impact.

4. Other variations: Brides, who like the style of high-low hems, but don’t want to go for it can opt for the gowns that feature overskirt or peplum styles. Both of these styles are quite similar to the high-low hems and these styles are also highly figure flattering.

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