Four ways to express your musical nature

If you’re starting the new year thinking you would finally like to put your singing skills to good use or take your guitar in front of an audience, then why not realise it in 2018? There are a variety of ways to get your creative juices flowing and build on the talents you have while boosting your confidence to perform. Here are some ideas how you can express your true musical nature.

Join a choir

If you already have strong vocals, or you’re looking to boost your singing ability, then why not think about joining a choir or singing group in your community? It’s a great way to meet like-minded people and work as a group to put on a great performance. Have a look around to see which group might work best for you. Of course, a lot of it will depend on what is available locally to you, and also the type of music you would like to sing. Whether it’s classical music, opera, jazz or gospel, why don’t you warm up those vocal chords and get out there and wow the crowds?

Take to the stage

Another way to bring out your musical nature is to join a theatre or acting group. You’re sure to find one in most local communities. They normally put on regular productions in a local theatre or at an arts venue, and it’s an amazing opportunity for you to hone your talents and show them off. These clubs offer all sorts of creative opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a singing part in a play, or you want to play the piano accompaniment, why not try it out? Normally they cater for a range of skills, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced performer.

Enjoy music

You don’t have to perform yourself to tap into your musical nature; you could just make 2018 a year of enjoying more live performances of music and arts. No matter where you live, you’re sure to find a venue near you offering a wealth of show dates throughout the year. It might be an intimate gig with a folk singer, embracing culture at classical concerts or a high-kicking Broadway-inspired show. There’s nothing better than getting in on some live music action.

You can find listings on the internet and social media. Alternatively, you could drop by a venue and pick up a programme for the year ahead.

Take lessons

If you’ve been strumming your guitar at home for years, practising your scales on the piano, or just dreamed of one day picking up an instrument, then why not consider booking some tutoring lessons? You could look for a group or have one-to-one training. Lessons are a great way to correct old habits, to learn new skills, and to boost your general overall confidence with an instrument. If you already have some experience, they can also give you a chance to move up to the next level of performance and give you the ultimate wow factor.

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