Choose the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Some photographers work for agencies or companies, and some are self-employed. One way or another, clients need to talk directly to whoever it is actually snapping the photographs. Sometimes, photographers themselves work in groups, and it is important to know what to expect. They will be able to answer more relevant questions, from how much time they will spend taking pictures, to what layouts they use.

Finding the perfect Surrey wedding photographer doesn't need to be a fairy-tale. With a few simple tips, you are going to have a chance to secure that perfect team that is going to help you to look stunning and helps to capture the important moments in your wedding. After all, you want to be able to look back on these memories with a smile on your face, rather than wishing you had taken a different route.

Reportage Photography?

Reportage Photography is documentary style photography in which the photographer is close to invisible capturing events in a candid and unobtrusive manner. So when you're cutting the cake, greeting your guests, you won't be asked to stop what you are doing to pose for the camera, the idea is to capture you naturally in" real moments". Apart from a couple of 20-minute windows to photograph you as a couple and with your friends and family, all you have to do is enjoy your day.
Of course, there should be a number of posed shots as part of the allocation but the essence and benefit of reportage are that it captures the "story", allowing you to look back on the photographs in years to come with a flood of happy memories about how your day unfolded.

1. Review Full Collections

One of the biggest problems people face when they are looking for the perfect wedding photographer is that they base their judgment on a couple of shots. The truth of the matter is that you want to explore all the shots this individual takes. This should be the first shot in the series to the final one of the day. What you are going to be looking for is the quality of these photographs and the consistency in them.

If you notice a majority of them have lighting concerns and don't look like a professional took them, you will want to consider some other options. Of course, there can be elements in a couple photos that may be out of the photographer's control and you do need to take that into consideration.

2. Always Meet with your Photographer

One of the concerns people end up having is that they hire someone over the phone or through a website. This doesn't let you meet a person and get a feeling for them. A better choice is to sit down with the individual and go over their work. Ask them plenty of questions about additional charges and what you can expect from their services. By doing this, you have a chance to reduce your stress when the big day comes.

Something to take note of is that some wedding consultants will hire these individuals for you. If you are working with a consultant, ensure that they allow you to consider a few different options and meet with them before you decide who you are going to go with.

3. Who Will Be at Your Wedding?

The most troubling thing you may find is that you think you are hiring on specialist and you end up getting someone you have never met before. To avoid this problem, make sure you ask the individual you are meeting if they will be shooting your wedding or if they will have someone else helping them with it.

If they are going to outsource your wedding, make sure you meet with the individual who will be doing your photo shoot and go over their material. Keep in mind that an emergency could potentially come up and you will end up with the assistant of the photographer and you should be comfortable with this individual. In cases where a team is working on your wedding, ask for some collective photographs from a similar wedding that they have done in the past.

4. Check their Fees and Scheduling

The last thing you want to do is to hire someone and find that they are going to shoot for an hour and charge you for additional time. Always understand if you are paying for a full day of photos or just a specific period of time. Along with this, make sure you get in writing all the fees that they will have. Sometimes, there is a package in place you can take advantage of that can help to offset the costs that you will have.

Along with this, you will want to be sure that any deposits and payment due dates are discussed as well. That way, it will be possible to have them paid to the point that they will shoot your wedding without any problems, such as not attending if they haven't received the proper payment. Of course, this also means you will need to make sure you have a contract from them that contains all the stipulations and payments due.

5. Ask People You Know

Sometimes, you may not even know where to begin in this process. To get things off on the right foot, you might want to consider asking people you know that have been married recently who they used. This can be a great way to discover new options and get a recommendation from someone you can trust at the same time.

Remember, the goal here is to get a photographer who will help you to capture your special day. Make sure you focus on these basic elements and you should find that you have a peaceful wedding day you can enjoy.

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