8 steps to reform your kitchen

1. For cooking, it is best to choose materials that can be easily cleaned, especially in the water area and in the stove. The tiles or glass or steel plates are the most useful and easy to clean. Other components such as wallpaper or photomurals will be reserved for areas of less use such as office, storage.

2. Between front and front, we must leave at least one meter wide to not overwhelm the space and let the doors open without problems. At the same time, if we have a very marked rectangular shape, it is best to opt for a single front of work.

3. At the time of beginning the reform, we can choose different colours or types of tiles to separate the zones. If we have a large kitchen we can put neutral tiles in the work area and something more colourful in the office.

4. To give a greater sense of space, we should opt for smooth furniture and in a single colour. Opting for integrated appliances also helps us enhance this sense of space.

5. The kitchen is an area that always receives a lot of dirt, some precautions such as putting furniture that is easily cleaned (lacquer imitations are easy to keep perfect), low maintenance worktops such as compact quartz and appliances with anti-fingerprint systems or pyrolytic furnaces.

6. Another point is to choose a tap with hose. Although they are a little more expensive, they will help us when cleaning the larger pieces of furniture (like the oven trays), filling the mop bucket.

7. When choosing a countertop, whether we choose compact quartz or granite, it is best to choose it with a rounded edge. The countertops with smooth edge give a more modern touch but are much more delicate.

8. The latest trends have made fashionable minimalist kitchens without handles. Although this type of design is great, we have to take into account that they are much dirtier and stain the limits of drawers and drawers.

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