5 Reasons for the Rapid Changes in Men’s Fashion

Agreed, men’s fashion doesn’t have the same appeal, diversity, and the pull that women’s fashion has, but men’s fashion has a considerable stature of its own. If we chart a history of men’s fashion, we can go back to the 90s, when Denim jeans first shot to fame. Go even further back, you get to the 70s, and bell-bottoms were king. How about we go back a little further, to the 1800s. How about the 1500s, the Renaissance, the dark ages, the Romans, the Pharaohs? All had they their significant attire, their sense of fashion, and they are all part of a broader history of men’s fashion. The contemporary men’s fashion industry is a result of all these years of change, evolution, and revolutions, and it will keep on changing until the end of times. But what makes men’s fashion industry, in the 21st century, so different from how it was previously? There are 5 reasons as to why men’s fashion is different, for better or worse, than it was, let’s find out about them.

• Men’s fashion is breaking stereotypes:
When something is bounded by limitations, it is difficult to truly express yourself in such a circumstance. Same goes for the fashion industry, as men’s fashion has always been restricted by stereotypes that wouldn’t let it prosper. However, off late, men’s fashion industry is not just breaking those stereotypes, but shattering them into tiny little pieces. Gender roles and societal policies were the foremost culprits when it came to restricting the effects and the range of men’s fashion industry, but now, thanks to acceptance worldwide, the men’s fashion industry is changing drastically.

• Men’s fashion isn’t only about the clothing anymore:
Earlier, men’s fashion was only about different articles of clothing. Denim shot to fame because of this very fact. However, nowadays, men’s fashion industry has transcended those boundaries and it now accommodates other things as well. Watches, shades, the colognes, perfumes, you name it, men’s fashion takes everything into consideration now. From Gucci to Versace, from Sapil to Givenchy, everybody has a preference.

• Men’s fashion is timeless:
When we talk about fashion, we talk about time. WHY? Because fashionable things are subject to the trend, and trends are subject to time. One thing which is popular in one era, won’t necessarily be popular in another, and that’s just how it is. However, men’s fashion industry, and the fashion industry in general, is absolutely timeless. You can see men sporting the latest in fashion, or you can spot them going retro with a vintage outfit, and you can witness them slay that particular outfit like they were born to.

• Sports isn’t just about fun, it’s fashion:
Over the centuries, sports and physical activities have always been associated with men. But these sporting events and physical activities were mostly considered an entertainment and a lifestyle choice. Now, in this day and age, it is considered a fashion statement. You can spot so many men wearing their sporting apparel and calling it fashion, which it is. Apart from that, you can see so many sports personalities being involved in fashion events across the globe. Sports players being touted as brand ambassadors, as fashion icons, and sex symbols, all because the men’s fashion industry is changing to accommodate sports as a real crowd-pleaser.

• From Head to Toe:
Men’s fashion isn’t only about what you wear, it’s about what you exude. Is it brilliance? Is it confidence? It’s definitely SWAG. Or do you ooze class? The men who adhere to the rules of fashion and familiarize themselves with the latest happenings in men’s fashion, you bet they do.

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