5 Amazing Facts You Should Know About Samurai Swords

Known as “soul of the Samurai” or “Samurai swords”, Katana is the most popular bladed weapon used by Samurai, a Japanese Warrior, who was trained in fighting tactics to serve their Lords. It is believed that katana is the most powerful weapon that ever exists and especially famous for its magnificent craftsmanship and curved blades.Today, martial arts competitors mainly use it.

Here, we are presenting 5 amazing facts about these wonderful Samurai swords:

1. The Evolution of Katana

Initially, Samurai used a straight blade that was imported from Korea and China. The use of curved blades started only when they began fighting on horseback. Curved blades have made the weapon more efficient for slashing and stabbing. However, the Ninjas-  another type of legendary Japanese fighters-  still use the straight bladed version of the Katana.

2. Only a Blade Does Not Determine a Katana’s value

While this is right that the blade is the most crucial part of the sword, this is not only the factor to determine the real value of it. Some collectors find the decorative handguard, tsuba, as the most significant part of a Katana. Apart from the handguard, scabbards, mounts and other ornamentals and the combined quality of a craftsman give the sword its true value. If you are looking for authentic hand forged samurai swords, check out KatanaSale.

3. Samurai’s Primary Weapon was Not Katanas in Reality

Earlier, arrows and bows were mostly used by Samurais when they went into a battle. And when they ran out of their arrows, the next weapon they generally used was a type of polearm. This allowed them to attack a longer range than the normal spear. Later, swords became the practical battlefield weapon.

4. The Quality of a Katana’s Blades was Tested on Criminals and Corpses:

To determine the quality of the sword, the Japanese government established an official sword-testing department. In this department, a master swordsman sliced the bodies of criminals into half to show the cutting ability of a Katana. Only criminals who had performed some heinous crime were tested alive, otherwise, the test was only done on the corpses. The tests were mainly ordered by those who were going to purchase the sword. Sometimes, the price of a test was more than the value of a sword itself.

5. The Art of Japanese Swordsmith is Dying

Only the rigid needs and the Japanese culture is helping to save these swords otherwise the art of crafting a powerful as well as embellished katana is dying. These Japanese swords can be created by only a licensed swordsmith, who have to go for 5 years of training to learn to create swords. Subsequently, a certified Smith generally requires a few more years to become proficient in the art.

A sword competition is also held in the society every year for the selection of the best smiths. Hundreds of smiths participate in the competition because a high score means their blades will be more valuable. And only those who score more than 30 can make a living from their craft. The creation and quality of swords are regulated and checked by the government. However, the earning is less in this business and thus so many smiths are leaving this work or doing it part-time. They just create a few blades a year.

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