10 Tips to Start with Street Photography

The essence of street photography is documenting everyday life and society on the streets. We give you 10 tips to start with street photography!
Everywhere you find opportunities to practice street photography, and you do not necessarily have to travel to take great photos.

Tip 1: Choose the correct lens
In street photography, you want to get started quickly with a zoom lens so that you can photograph people from a distance. However, you will not stay inconspicuous if you start shooting with your zoom lens. If you want to remain unobtrusive, choose a lens that you need to get closer to your subject through a wide-angle lens.

Tip 2: The settings
The best setting you can use for street photography is the AV setting (shutter priority). Your camera will automatically choose the correct shutter speed. Manually set the aperture and ISO. Keep in mind to set your shutter speed is at least 1/200 so that you can freeze the movement of the people. If you are going to shoot with a shutter speed of 1/80 or longer, chances are you will get blurry photos.

Tip 3: Come close to your subject
The advantage of this is that you take the people with you at the moment. Instead of creating a distance, you create a feeling. You are also part of the audience, and you can continue to photograph discreetly.

Tip 4: Always bring your camera
Wherever you are, there are always moments that lend themselves to a beautiful photo. When you encounter such a moment, make sure you have your camera with you! Of course, it is a shame if you have to miss such a beautiful moment.

Tip 5: Ignore the voice of your main characters
I can understand it very well if you feel agitated to photograph people on the street. It can be natural that someone gets annoyed or angry. However, practice shows that people often do not mind. Do not be afraid of the reactions of the people. When you start to take pictures with peace of mind,

Tip 6: Photograph from your hip
If you continue to find it difficult to photograph people on the street without being asked, try shooting from your hip. This keeps you unobtrusive, and you get a different perspective. This requires exercise. The more you do this, the better you feel your camera and the less your photos will look like lucky ones.

Tip 7: Photograph at night
An open diaphragm and a high ISO that is necessary to practice street photography at night. That requires practice and experience, but the advantage of shooting in the evening or night is that you can get unique pictures. For example, you can use a tripod and blur people while your background stays sharp. Try it!

Tip 8: Street photography does not just consist of people
That is often a misconception. Street photography consists of everything you see on the street. Find the crowds or take a side street. You can look at topics that interest you and make an exciting record of them.

Tip 9: image quality is not the most important
If you have a technically good photo, but you do not have excellent composition, little feeling or bad light, people will look at your picture and quickly scroll through. Image quality is not the most important, but what you want to tell with the photo.

Tip 10: Have fun!
If street photography is really your thing, then you will see that your photos are a lot nicer than the photos of someone who likes street photography now and then.

These were 10 tips on street photography to help you on your way. Do not be stopped by that voice in your head, leave your zoom lens at home and go for it!

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