Mattingly-Gardiner Funeral Home
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Mattingly-Gardiner Funeral Home

Contact Information
Address : 41590 Fenwick Street
P.O. Box 270
Leonardtown, MD 20650
Contact : Mattingly- Gardiner
Phone : 301-475-8500
Website : Visit Website
Mattingly-Gardiner Funeral Home

Services Offered

We are proud to be a family-owned, locally operated funeral home, offering over 100 years of funeral service heritage to our community.

In addition, a variety of services are provided to accommodate every budget. Each family receives individualized attention, regardless of the cost.

* Traditional services, in our chapel or your church
* Traditional interment, with or without a religious service
* Private and/or public visitation or gathering
* Cremation, with many choices of final disposition
* Transfer of deceased to or from any destination, locally, nationally, or internationally
* Personalization services, including memory tables and boards, casket, vault, and urn personalization, special music, and more
* Unique, personalized funeral and memorial services
* Assistance with veterans, Social Security, and insurance filings
* Referrals to counseling and grief support services
* Funeral prearrangement, including acceptance of plans made at other funeral homes

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