• By Deborah

    What is leadership?

    For nearly a decade, I have worked across multiple states on local, state, and national campaigns. Throughout my time in politics, I've found that there are generally two types of candidates. There...

    1 month ago
  • By Fran Longwell

    State's Attorney's candidates in Calvert County

    Facts May Help Kathryn AtLee Marsh, as Deputy State’s Attorney for Calvert County, holds the top non-elected office position. In the SA’s absence she acts as State’s Attorney, with responsibility ...

    1 month ago
  • By Marilyn Crosby


    I was elected twice and have advice on how to get elected. What did I do? I wrote letters to the editor for several years on issues such as class size, superintendent's character traits, giving z...

    1 month ago
  • By Theresa Tinsley

    Vote for Pete Cucinotta/Letter to the Editor

    To the Editor: I am writing to share with your readers why I support Pete Cucinotta for Clerk of the Court. I strongly feel that this elected position should not be overlooked this year since the...

    1 month ago
  • By Ryan McQuighan

    Letter to the Editor

    To the Editor: Experience matters and that is why I support Andrew Rappaport for State’s Attorney. I first got to know Andrew during my last semester of law school. In that semester, I was tempo...

    1 month ago