• By Kathleen Matthews

    About Governor Hogan's anti-worker paid leave task force

    To the Editor: Did you see what Larry Hogan said? His paid sick leave task force apparently isn’t required to have open meetings. In the more than 150 days since Governor Hogan created this “anti-...

    1 year ago
  • By Theresa Kuhns

    Charles Co. Commissioners Retreat on Mallows Bay

    To the Editor: On October 17, 2017- In an unexpected turn of events, the Board of Charles County Commissioners backpedaled on the previously county adopted resolution for the Mallows Bay federal de...

    1 year ago
  • By John Wells

    Dominion Energy Admits Error

    To the Editor: If your safety was on the line, would you rather be told a deliberate big lie or that the liar was “simply in error”? Dominion Energy recently revised estimates for emissions of dan...

    1 year ago
  • By Krista Boughey

    Transparency in Government

    What Is Transparency in Government? We are fortunate to live in a county with a culture of service and reasonable access to elected officials and County staff. We can call our officials and County ...

    1 year ago
  • By Steve Miller

    Are We Driving Safe In Southern Maryland

    As a transplant to southern Maryland, I am curious if there are special rules while driving in Calvert and St. Mary's Counties? I have been here 2 years now and am a little bewildered at how I shou...

    1 year ago