• By Mary Finelli and Michael Gurwitz

    Killing Cownose Rays is Cruel and Ecologically Reckless.

    Dear Editor: The killing contests that target cownose rays must end. As two board members of Fish Feel, a Maryland-based organization which, along with the national organization SHARK (SHowing An...

    2 years ago
  • By Holly Bradford

    The Art on Dares Beach

    I leave in the Dares Beach community and we have this beach that we can go to. There is a gentleman in this neighborhood that has taken trees that have fallen down and constructed them in to art, ...

    2 years ago
  • By Calvert County Republican Central Committee

    Republican position on tax increases

    As stewards of the GOP in the county, the Calvert County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) has thought carefully and intentionally about the budget proposal to increase both income and property ...

    2 years ago
  • By Anonymous

    Jail charges again sought against Mother by the father and his lover who works at Everg...

    This is not new to these two men. This is the 2nd time these two men have filed for incarceration on a mother for eating lunch with her child. The mother was found innocent when they did this in 20...

    2 years ago
  • By Clayton K. Hashimoto

    It's time for Candidates to debate Social Security

    It’s time for Candidates to debate Social Security You wouldn’t know it from most of the news coverage going on, but voters really do want presidential candidates to lay out their plans to keep So...

    2 years ago