• By Carolyn Siebert

    Crosby will serve everyone

    To the Editor Like many others, I am fed up with the stagnation resulting from extreme partisanship by voters and elected representatives. I am affiliated with a political party because I want to ...

    1 week ago
  • By John Weiner

    candidate for St. Mary's County Commissioner President

    Dear Editor: In 2 short months on November 6, voters in St. Mary's County will have the opportunity to cast their ballots for the many local candidates who have stuck their necks out this year to ...

    2 weeks ago
  • By Taylor Hollidge

    Potomac Speedway collects 195 bookbags to donate to SMCPS Pre-K program!

    Potomac Speedway located in Budd’s Creek, MD has partnered with St. Mary’s County Public Schools and Kelly Hall, executive director of supplemental school programs. We have asked our race teams, dr...

    4 weeks ago
  • By Roger Mattingly

    St Mary's Marketplace BOYCOTT the stores there

    Dear Editor, I think it's about time the state highway, Route 4 better known as St Andrews Church Road, at St Mary's Marketplace be repaired. The state highway administration does not seem to want ...

    1 month ago

    Brian Crosby for Delegate

    I became acquainted with Brian Crosby this past year because of his many efforts to get to know those of us who call St. Mary’s County home. As a candidate for Maryland State House of Delegat...

    1 month ago