• By Preston Pratt Jr

    A Letter to Maryland Republicans

    Dear MD GOP, The Republican Party of my childhood is nothing more than a memory now and has little resemblance of the party we have today. Governor Hogan has managed to accomplish what the Democra...

    1 month ago
  • By Elaine Aragon

    Parental complaints not appreciated by St. Mary's County Public Schools

    I applaud the student body of the University of Maryland, and all the other influential and political persons who spoke up and challenged the decision by the University to retain their head footba...

    1 month ago
  • By Kathleen Matthews

    Message from the Chair

    To the Editor: As we prepare to spend precious time with our loved ones and family over Thanksgiving, I want to thank you and every one of our passionate Democratic supporters. This year, our part...

    1 month ago
  • By Robert Boudreaux

    Abortion is destroying the Democrats

    8605 Thomas Jefferson Way Gloucester, VA 23061 (3012) 643-0394 14 November 2018 Editor, Please print this letter in the letter section of the Bay Net. Abortion is destroying the Democrats ...

    2 months ago
  • By Delegate Mark Fisher

    Every Generation - A Veterans Day Reflection

    To the Editor: It was my parents dream that each of their four children would one day attend college. You see, they were married at 17, where they left high school early to raise their family. In a...

    2 months ago