Letter to the Editor By "Commissioner Michael Hewitt"

Commissioner Michael Hewitt
Hewitt to seek reelection
To the Citizens of St Mary's County After discussions with my wife, family and friends I have decided to run for re-election to the 2nd District, Leonardtown/Hollywood County Commissioner seat. My campaign slogan three years ago was "St Mary's County is an amazing community. I am committed to preserve and protect what we have and prepare us for the future" and this commitment will continue to be my goal when elected to another four year term. My position on County government is to make it efficient, transparent and user-friendly. I will work hard to keep your taxes as low as possible while maintaining high quality services. Our schools should be adequately funded, have the best teachers and provide a safe environment for our children. I understand the importance of higher education and support our Community College and Higher Education Center's goals of excellence. Transparency in school spending, school choice and charter schools continues to be important to the citizen's and requires our attention to detail. Having served on the Board of Education has given me unique Insights Into the challenges we face and I will continue to support our teachers and students while balancing all the needs of our community. As a long time small business owner I understand the risks of starting a new business and support growing the number of jobs available to our citizens. Supporting new development that is In harmony with our existing communities along with keeping our business taxes low to retain and attract more opportunities will be my goal. Support for updating the County Comprehensive Plan to stop incremental and unplanned growth along with protecting our headwaters, creeks, streams and hundreds of miles of coastline will be important to protecting our way of life. l appreciate Governor Hogan appointing me to the state's Critical Area's Commission for the Chesapeake & Coastal Bays and the Patuxent River Commission giving me broader exposure Into these State treasures. Updating our transportation corridors to handle the increased traffic has been a major concern and continues to need the coordination of federal, state and local governments. Working to promote a pro­active relationship with NAS PAX River will help all citizens and insulate us against future BRAC decisions. The important work being done at our local airport will help diversify our economy, promote innovation, Increase use of technology and unlock more opportunities for Jobs and business growth. Lowering our dependence on Federal spending will Improve our economic base and benefit the County as a whole. Looking back over the past three years, I have helped keep taxes low, built fund balances to protect against unforeseen emergencies, provided record funding for our schools and police while providing amenities like parks, boat ramps, museums, and soon, a new library and senior center. I am proud of these accomplishments but more needs to be done. Looking ahead, I will continue to push for elimination of the Energy Tax, lowering the Homestead Tax credit and Increasing support for seniors, EMS, firefighters, Vets and volunteers. Serving as your Commissioner has been an honor and a privilege and I look forward to listening to the voters, hearing what's most Important to you and earning your vote in the coming election. Thank you and God Bless.