Letter to the Editor By "Kathleen Matthews"

Kathleen Matthews
A huge win for working families
To the Editor, Today, I was excited to sit in the Senate gallery to witness Democrats in our Maryland General Assembly vote to overturn Governor Hogan’s veto to give more than 700,000 Marylanders access to earned sick leave. Hogan justified his veto by peddling falsehoods and sowing fear in voters. No worker should have to decide between a paycheck and taking care of their health. Now stay tuned for a jam-packed legislative session full of bold action to address the regressive policies of Donald Trump. Our legislators will be working hard to guarantee that low-income children have access to the CHIP, stabilizing the Affordable Care Act from Republicans’ sabotage, and protecting Marylanders from the GOP tax scam. These are the fights that make me proud to be a Democrat. While Governor Hogan and Republicans are fighting to protect their business allies, we are fighting for working families. The contrast could not be more stark. Kathleen Matthews Maryland Democratic Party Chair