Letter to the Editor By "Martin Fairclough"

Martin Fairclough
Fake News
To the Editor I remember the days when Walter Cronkite was consistently voted the most trusted man in America and when Bill Crosby was lauded for being funny without using any foul language. The current intersection between media, politics and the citizens has brought us to a very dangerous place - Orwellian is not even the word to describe it - although don't forget they are always listening. The Office of the Presidency of the United States is now occupied by a genius (hopefully not evil) like a character out of Batman - a genius of manipulation, a person who fully understands the power of the media. The media having distilled "news" to 24 hour news cycles now appears to be falling into the narrative that has be woven by our President. One by one the mighty icons who are in our living rooms are falling. Who will be next? The media in essence is becoming a propaganda machine for any nefarious uses and by bad actors around the world. The effect of the internet and social media gives more power to the fifth estate. More opportunities to those who wish us harm. Life was simpler when Walter Cronkite signed off each night "And that's the way it is"